Health Physics Society Journal

April 2015, Volume 108, Number 4

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On the cover: The role of health physics in nuclear security. See the forum article by Edward J. Waller and Jim van Maanen on page 468 for more information.



X-Ray Dose Estimation From Cathode Ray Tube Monitors by Monte Carlo Calculation — Navid Khaledi, Azim Arbabi, and Moloud Dabaghi

On-Body Calibration and Measurements Using a Personal, Distributed Exposimeter for Wireless Fidelity — Arno Thielens, Sam Agneessens, Hans De Clercq, Jeroen Lecoutere, Leen Verloock, Emmeric Tanghe, Sam Aerts, Robert Puers, Hendrik Rogier, Luc Martens, and Wout Joseph

Development and Validation of a GEANT4 Radiation Transport Code for CT Dosimetry - D. E. Carver, S.D. Kost, M.J. Fernald, K.G. Lewis II, N.D. Fraser, D.R. Pickens, R.R. Price, and M.G. Stabin

Winnipeg Radon Testing: Comparison of Test Durations, Effects of House Characteristics, and Efficacy of Floor-Drain Seals - Pamela E.M. Warkentin and Harry M. Johnson

Variation in the Calibrated Response of LiF, Al2O3, and Silicon Dosimeters When Used for In-Phantom Measurements of Source Photons With Energies Between 30 KeV and 300 KeV - Sashi Poudel, Blake Currier, and David C. Medich

Species-Dependent Chelation of 241Am by DTPA Di-ethyl Ester — James E. Huckle, Matthew P. Sadgrove, Russell J. Mumper, and Michael Jay


Derivation of a Simple Relationship Between Pulsed and Steady-State Dose Limits Due to General Recombination Within Air-Filled Ionization Chambers — Alan L. Justus

Results of a Survey on the Implementation of Diagnostic Reference Levels for X Rays Among Dutch Hospitals — Harmen Bijwaard, Doreth Valk, and Ischa de Waard-Schalkx

Observations on Using Inside Air Concentrations as a Predictor of Outside Air Concentrations — Gavin Hawkley, Jeffrey Whicker, and Jason Harris


The Role of the Health Physicist in Nuclear Security — Edward J. Waller and Jim van Maanen


The Politics of Invisibility: Public Knowledge About Radiation Health Effects After Chernobyl — Charles W. Miller

Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade — Stephen V. Musolino

Handbook for Survival: Saving Lives During Radiation Release and Other Disasters — Ray Johnson


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