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March 2015, Volume 108, Number 3

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On the cover: An ultra-compact electron paramagnetic resonance probehead for in vivo tooth-based biodosimetry. See the paper by Helen Woflson and colleagues on page 326 for more information.



Appearance of Pseudo-Pelger Huet Anomaly After Accidental Exposure to Ionizing Radiation In Vivo — Ronald E. Goans, Carol J. Iddins, Doran Christensen, Albert Wiley, and Nicholas Dainiak

Decorporation of Systemically Distributed Americium by a Novel Orally Administered Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid (DTPA) Formulation in Beagle Dogs — James P. Wilson, Ronald R. Cobb, Nathanael W. Dungan, Laura L. Matthews, Bärbel Eppler, Kenneth V. Aiello, Shiro Curtis, Teannetta Boger, Raymond A. Guilmette, Waylon Weber, Melanie Doyle-Eisele, and James D. Talton

Potential Third-Party Radiation Exposure From Patients Undergoing Therapy With 131I for Thyroid Cancer or Metastases - Daniela D’Alessio, Claudia Giliberti, Marcello Benassi, and Lidia Strigari

A Magnetic Resonance Probehead for Evaluating the Level of Ionizing Radiation Absorbed in Human Teeth - Helen Woflson, Rizwan Ahmad, Ygal Twig, Benjamin Williams, and Aharon Blank

In Vitro Dissolution of Uranium-Contaminated Soil in Simulated Lung Fluid Containing a Pulmonary Surfactant - Grant Spitler, Henry Spitz, Stephan Glasser, M. Kathryn Hoffman, and James Bowen

Neutron Radiation Measurements on Several International Flights — Marina Poje, Branko Vuković, Vanja Radolić, Igor Miklavčić, and Josip Planinić

Comments on the DDREF Estimate of the BEIR VII Committee — David G. Hoel

A Public Health Perspective on the U.S. Response to the Fukushima Radiological Emergency — Robert C. Whitcomb, Jr, Armin J. Ansari, Jennifer J. Buzzell, M. Carol McCurley, Charles W. Miller, James M. Smith, and D. Lynn Evans

Bayesian Analysis of Energy and Count Rate Data for Detection of Low Count Rate Radioactive Sources — John Klumpp and Alexander Brandl


Assessing the Applicability of FISH-Based Prematurely Condensed Dicentric Chromosome Assay in Triage Biodosimetry — Yumiko Suto, Takaya Gotoh, Takashi Noda, Miho Akiyama, Makiko Owaki, Firouz Darroudi, and Momoki Hirai

Microdosimetric Considerations of Lung Cancer Risks From Plutonium — Jack A. Simmons

Counting 241Am in the BfS Human Skull Phantom on Contact—Evaluation in the Human Monitoring Laboratory — Chunsheng Li, Barry Hauck, Kevin Capello, Pedro Nogueira, Maria A. Lopez, and Gary H. Kramer

Early Blood Plutonium Retention in Nonhuman Primates Compared to the NCRP 156 Wound Biokinetic Model — Kevin Konzen, Richard Brey, and Raymond Guilmette

IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation—COMAR Technical Information Statement Radiofrequency Safety and Utility Smart Meters — Jerrold T. Bushberg, Kenneth R. Foster, James B. Hatfield, Arthur Thansandote, and Richard A. Tell


Robert G. "Bob" Gallaghar (1928Y2014): Erratum


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