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February 2015, Volume 108, Number 2

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On the cover: (Left): NCRP Vice President, Jerrold T. Bushberg, presents the Eleventh Annual Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address (Right): Distinguished Emeritus Member, Fred A. Mettler, Jr., gives the Thirty-Eighth Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture on Radiation Protection and Measurements


Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements March 2014



Welcome to the 38th Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture on Radiation Protection and Measurements — John D. Boice, Jr.

Introduction of the 38th Lauriston S. Taylor Lecturer in Radiation Protection and Measurements: Fred A. Mettler, Jr. — Milton J. Guiberteau

38th Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture: On the Shoulders of Giants - Fred A. Mettler, Jr.


Welcome to the Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the NCRP: Achievements of the Past 50 Years and Addressing the Needsn of the Future - John D. Boice, Jr.


Eleventh Annual Warren K. Sinclair Keynote Address—Science, Radiation Protection and NCRP: Building on the Past, Looking to the Future - Jerrold T. Bushberg


Integrating Basic Radiobiological Science and Epidemiological Studies: Why and How — R. Julian Preston

Review of NASA Approach to Space Radiation Risk Assessments for Mars Exploration — Francis A. Cucinotta

Biological Effectiveness of Photons and Electrons as a Function of Energy — Steven L. Simon, Leslie A. Braby, Polly Y. Chang, Dudley T. Goodhead, Stephen Hora, David C. Kocher, Kiyohiko Mabuchi, Jerome S. Puskin, David Richardson, Marvin Rosenstein, James Tucker, and Eliseo Vano

Basic Criteria, Epidemiology, Radiobiology, and Risk (Program Area Committee 1)—Session Q&A

Public Health and Medical Preparedness for a Nuclear Detonation: The Nuclear Incident Medical Enterprise — C. Norman Coleman, Julie M. Sullivan, Judith L. Bader, Paula Murrain-Hill, John F. Koerner, Andrew L. Garrett, David M. Weinstock, Cullen Case Jr, Chad Hrdina, Steven A. Adams, Robert C. Whitcomb, Ellie Graeden, Robert Shankman, Timothy Lant, Bert W. Maidment, and Richard C. Hatchett

Decision Making for Late-phase Recovery from Nuclear or Radiological Incidents — S.Y. Chen

Nuclear and Radiological Security and Safety (Program Area Committees 3 & 5)—Session Q&A

Radiation Safety of Sealed Radioactive Sources — Kathryn H. Pryor

Pennsylvania's Technologically Enhanced, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Experiences and Studies of the Oil and Gas Industry — David J. Allard

Application of an Informatics-based Decision-making Framework and Process to the Assessment of Radiation Safety in Nanotechnology — Mark D. Hoover, David S. Myers, Leigh J. Cash, Raymond A. Guilmette, Wolfgang G. Kreyling, Gu¨nter Oberdo¨rster, Rachel Smith, James R. Cassata, Bruce B. Boecker, and Michael P. Grissom

Operational and Environmental Radiation Protection (Program Area Committees 2 & 5)—Session Q&A

Framework and Need for Dosimetry and Measurements: Quantitation Matters — Raymond A. Guilmette

Dose Reconstruction for the Million Worker Study: Status and Guidelines — André Bouville, Richard E. Toohey, John D. Boice Jr., Harold L. Beck, Larry T. Dauer, Keith F. Eckerman, Derek Hagemeyer, Richard W. Leggett, Michael T. Mumma, Bruce Napier, Kathy H. Pryor, Marvin Rosenstein, David A. Schauer, Sami Sherbini, Daniel O. Stram, James L. Thompson, John E. Till, Craig Yoder, and Cary Zeitlin

Protection of Patients in Diagnostic and Interventional Medical Imaging: Collaboration Is the Key — Kimberly E. Applegate

Protection and Measurement in Radiation Therapy — Steven G. Sutlief

Protection of the Gametes Embryo/Fetus from Prenatal Radiation Exposure — Robert L. Brent

Radiation Protection in Medicine (Program Area Committee 4)—Session Q&A

Historical Trends in Radiation Protection, Policy and Communications: 1964 to the Present — Paul A. Locke

U.S. Radiation Protection: Role of National and International Recommendations and Opportunities for Collaboration (Harmony, not Dissonance) — Michael A. Boyd

Radiation Education, Risk Communication, Outreach, and Policy (Program Area Committee 7)—Session Q&A

Capturing Opportunities and Meeting Challenges in Radiation Protection — Kenneth R. Kase


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