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December 2014, Volume 107, Number 6

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On the cover: Positioning of the four germanium detectors comprising the Human Monitoring Laboratory lung counting system on the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory torso phantom. See the paper by Marilyn Tremblay and colleagues on page 564 for further information.



2014 Founder's Award — William (Jack) Beck — Citation by Sarah Roberts

2014 Founders Award Memorialization — James E. Turner — Citation by Roger J. Cloutier and Wesley E. Bolch

2014 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal — George D. Kerr — Citation by Pat McCloskey and William L. (Jack) Beck

2014 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award — Wesley Emmett Bolch — Citation by Kevin Nelson

2014 Distinguished Public Service Award — Robert L. Brent — Citation by Kelly Classic and Genevieve Roessler

2014 Health Physics Society Honor Roll Award — Donald G. Jacobs — Citation by James Michael Mahathy

2014 Health Physics Society Honor Roll Award — Michael Davidson — Citation by Katharine McLellan

2014 Williams A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award — Lester K. Aldrich II — Citation by Patrick J. LaFrate

2014 Joyce Davis Award — Bryce Rich — Citation by Timothy D. Taulbee

2014 Geoffrey G. Eichholz Outstanding Science Teacher Award — Joshua Mocherman — Citation by Kevin Nelson

2014 Geoffrey G. Eichholz Outstanding Science Teacher Award — Brenda Hallbau — Citation by Scott Surovi

2014 Health Physics Society 50-Year Members

2014 Health Physics Society Fellow Members

2014 Chapter Volunteer

2014 Military Health Physics Section Awards

2013–2014 Student Travel/Worker Grants

2013–2014 Health Physics Society Student Fellowships/Scholarships


Assessment of Radio Frequency Exposures in Schools, Homes, and Public Places in Belgium — Leen Verloock, Wout Joseph, Francis Goeminne, Luc Martens, Mart Verlaek, and Kim Constandt

Evaluation of Near Field Atmospheric Dispersion Around Nuclear Facilities Using a Lorentzian Distribution Methodology — Gavin Hawkley

Cataract After Repeated Daily in Vivo Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation — Konstantin Galichanin, Stefan Löfgren, and Per Söderberg

Using Tea as an Artificial Urine in a Canadian Performance Testing Program for Fission/Activation Products — Joseph N. Daka, Gerry Moodie, Anthony DiNardo, and Gary H. Kramer

Gamma Residual Radioactivity Measurements on Rats and Mice Irradiated in the Thermal Column of a Triga Mark II Reactor for BNCT — Nicoletta Protti, Sergio Manera, Michele Prata, Daniele Alloni, Francesca Ballarini, Andrea Borio di Tigliole, Silva Bortolussi, Piero Bruschi, Marcella Cagnazzo, Maria Garioni, Ian Postuma, Luca Reversi, Andrea Salvini, and Saverio Altieri

Radiation Exposure of German Aircraft Crews Under the Impact of Solar Cycle 23 and Airline Business Factors — Gerhard Frasch, Lothar Kammerer, Ralf Karofsky, Andrea Schlosser, and Ralf Stegemann

Radiation-Induced Changes in Levels of Selected Proteins in Peripheral Blood Serum of Breast Cancer Patients as a Potential Triage Biodosimeter for Large-Scale Radiological Emergencies — Marta Deperas-Kaminska, Ainars Bajinskis, Michal Marczyk, Joanna Polanska, Peter Wersäll, Elisabet Lidbrink, Elizabeth A. Ainsbury, Oliver Guipaud, Marc Benderitter, Siamak Haghdoost, and Andrzej Wojcik

Effect of Respiratory Motion on Lung Counting Efficiency Using a 4D NURBS-Based Cardio-Torso (NCAT) Phantom — Marilyn Tremblay, Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, and Paul Segars


Annotated X-Ray Bibliography 1896–1945 — Joel O. Lubenau


Concerning Radiation Carcinogenesis — Otto R. Raabe


Robert G. "Bob" Gallaghar (1928–2014) — Allen Brodsky and Casper Sun


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