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November 2014, Volume 107, Number 5

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On the cover: Permanently mounted lead and acrylic scatterers in a classic double-scattering, proton-beam delivery system for radiotherapy, examples of radiotherapy equipment that become activated during treatments and of concern for personnel exposures. See the review paper by Bruce Thomadsen and colleagues on page 442 for more information.



Quantification of RF-Exposure of the Fetus Using Anatomical CAD-Models in Three Different Gestational Stages — Eugenia Cabot, Andreas Christ, Barbara Bühlmann, Marcel Zefferer, Nicolas Chavannes, Jurriaan F. Bakker, Gerard C. van Rhoon, and Niels Kuster

Screening of Alpha- and Beta-Emitting Radionuclides Using Liquid Scintillation Counting and Monitoring Procedures in Radiation Emergencies — Seokwon Yoon, Wi-Ho Ha, Jaeryong Yoo, and Seung-Sook Lee

Scientific Foundation of Regulating Ionizing Radiation: Application of Metrics for Evaluation of Regulatory Science Information — A. Alan Moghissi, Vikrham Kumar Gerraa, Dennis K. McBride, and Michael Swetnam

Calculating an Unknown Source Activity Using Modeled and Experimental Results — Matthew S. Rowan, Thomas E. Blue, and Kevin Herminghuysen

Worker Protection Implications of the Solubility and Human Metabolism of Modern Uranium Mill Products in the U.S. — Steven H. Brown and Douglas B. Chambers

Measurement of Radiation Exposure in Relatives of Thyroid Cancer Patients Treated with 131I — Y.T. Ramírez-Garzón, O. Ávila, L.A. Medina, I. Gamboa-deBuen, A. Rodríguez-Laguna, A.E. Buenfil, C. Ruíz-Trejo, E. Estrada, and M.E. Brandan

Further Evaluations of the Toxicity of Irradiated Advanced Heavy Water Reactor Fuels — Geoffrey W.R. Edwards and Nicholas D. Priest

GEANT4 Calibration of Gamma Spectrometry Efficiency for Measurements of Airborne Radioactivity on Filter Paper — Tareq Alrefae


Potential Hazard Due to Induced Radioactivity Secondary to Radiotherapy: The Report of Task Group 136 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine — Bruce Thomadsen, Ravinder Nath, Fred B. Bateman, Jonathan Farr, Cal Glisson, Mohammad K. Islam, Terry LaFrance, Mary E. Moore, X. George Xu, and Mark Yudelev


Warren Keith Sinclair (1924 to 2014) — John D. Boice, Jr., and David A. Schauer


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