Health Physics Society Journal

October 2014, Volume 107, Number 4

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On the Cover: Trajectory of 140La particulates in a wind tunnel. See paper by Ali and Waller on page 331 for more information.



Using Isotopic Ratios for Discrimination of Environmental Anthropogenic Radioactivity — Robert B. Hayes and Mansour Akbarzadeh

Damage Threshold From Large Retinal Spot Size Repetitive-Pulse Laser Exposures — Brian J. Lund, David J. Lund, and Peter R. Edsall

Nuclear Medicine Practices in the 1950s Through the Mid-1970s and Occupational Radiation Doses to Technologists From Diagnostic Radioisotope Procedures — Vladimir Drozdovitch, Aaron B. Brill, Fred A. Mettler, Jr., William M. Beckner, Stanley J. Goldsmith, Milton D. Gross, Marguerite T. Hays, Peter T. Kirchner, James K. Langan, Richard C. Reba, Gary T. Smith, André Bouville, Martha S. Linet, Dunstana R. Melo, Choonsik Lee, and Steven L. Simon

Design of a Hybrid Computational Fluid Dynamics—Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Methodology for Radioactive Particulate Resuspension Studies — Fawaz Ali and Ed Waller

Electromagnetic Immunity of Implantable Pacemakers Exposed to Wi-Fi Devices — Eugenio Mattei, Federica Censi, Michele Triventi, and Giovanni Calcagnini

Statistical Characterization of Radiation Doses From External Exposures and Relevant Contributors in Fukushima Prefecture — Shogo Takahara, Tatsuya Abe, Masashi Iijima, Kazumasa Shimada, and Yoshitake Shiratori

Fractal Structure of the Distributions of Air Dose Rates in Koriyama City in Fukushima — Masamichi Ishiharai


Human Exposure Standards in the Frequency Range 1 Hz to 100 kHz: The Case for Adoption of the IEEE Standard — J. Patrick Reilly


Occupational Exposure to 131I—A Case Study — Yanliang Tan, Detao Xiao, Jian Shan, Qingzhi Zhou, and Jingnian Qu


Dosimetric Consistency for Medical Countermeasures Research — Gary H. Zeman

Response to Zeman — Abdul M. Kazi, Thomas J. MacVittie, Giovanni Lasio, Wei Lu, and Karl L. Prado


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