Health Physics Society Journal

September 2014, Volume 107, Number 3

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On the Cover: Detailed CALPUFF modeling domain showing terrain elevations (in meters). See the paper by John Till and colleagues on page 213 for more information.



210Pb and 210Po Concentrations in Italian Cigarettes and Effective Dose Evaluation — Mattia Taroni, Vincenzo Zagà, Paolo Bartolomei, Enrico Gattavecchia, Roberta Pacifici, Piergiorgio Zuccaro, and Massimo Esposito

Evaluation of the Accuracy of Dose Delivery for IMRT Based on Transit Dosimetry — Tae Seong Baek, Eun Ji Chung, Eui Kwan Koh, Jungju Seo, and Myonggeun Yoon

Measurement of Thoron Exhalation Rates From Building Materials — G. de With, P. de Jong, and A. Röttger

Comparison of the MACCS2 Atmospheric Transport Model with Lagrangian Puff Models as Applied to Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Analysis — John E. Till, Arthur S. Rood, Caroline D. Garzon, and Richard H. Lagdon, Jr.

Assessment of Self-Help Methods to Reduce Potential Exposure to Radiological Contamination After a Large-Scale Radiological Release — Emily Snyder, John Drake, John Cardarelli, Kathy Hall, Jeff Szabo, Rick Demmer, Michael Lindberg, Karen Riggs, and Ryan James

Changes in the Adhesion and Migration Ability of Peripheral Blood Cells: Potential Biomarkers Indicating Exposure Dose — Ming-juan Li, Feng-mei Cui, Ying Cheng, Din Sun, Ping-kun Zhou, and Rui Min


Clinical Data From One Year Follow-Up of Victims of the Radiation Accident With 60Co in Bulgaria — J. Djounova, I. Guleva, K. Negoicheva, I. Mileva, D. Panova, and I. Rupova

Analysis of the Saturation Phenomena of the Neutralization Rate of Positively Charged 218Po in Water Vapor — Yanliang Tan, Detao Xiao, Jian Shan, Qingzhi Zhou, and Jingnian Qu


Comment on ICNIRP Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electric Fields Induced by Movement of the Human Body in a Static Magnetic Field and by Time-Varying Magnetic Fields Below 1 Hz — Penny Gowland and Paul Glover

Response by ICNIRP to the Comments of Gowland and Glover — Gunde Ziegelberger

Atomic Bomb Survivor Cataract Surgery Prevalence Data Are Consistent With Non-Zero Threshold Dose—Comment on Article by Nakashima et al. 2013 — Mohan Doss, Brian L. Egleston, and Samuel Litwin

Response to Doss et al. — Eiji Nakashima


Fukushima Accident: Radioactivity Impact on the Environment — Charles W. Miller

Decommissioning Health Physics—A Handbook for MARSSIM Users, Second Edition — James Reese


Predicting Induced Activity in the Havar Foils of the 18F Production Targets of a PET Cyclotron and Derived Radiological Risk: Erratum


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