Health Physics Society Journal

August 2014, Volume 107, Number 2

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On the Cover: A fusion image of a nonwoven fabric mask, its radiocesium distribution, and its microscope image. See the paper by Higaki et al. (p. 117) for more information.



Predicting Induced Activity in the Havar Foils of the 18F Production Targets of a PET Cyclotron and Derived Radiological Risk — J. Javier Martinez-Serrano and Antonio Diez de los Rios

Diagnostic Reference Levels for Panoramic and Lateral Cephalometric Radiography of Korean Children — Young-Hee Kim, Byoung-Eun Yang, Suk-Ja Yoon, Byung-Cheol Kang, and Jae-Seo Lee

Quantitation of Japanese Cedar Pollen and Radiocesium Adhered to Nonwoven Fabric Masks Worn by the General Population — Shogo Higaki, Hideharu Shirai, Masahiro Hirota, Eisuke Takeda, Yukiko Yano, Akira Shibata, Yoshitaka Mishima, Hiromi Yamamoto, and Kiyoshi Miyazawa

Use of In Vivo Counting Measurements to Estimate Internal Doses From 241Am in Workers from the Mayak Production Association — Alexandra B. Sokolova, Klara G. Suslova, Alexander V. Efimov, and Scott C. Miller

Measurements of 234U and 238U in Hair, Urine, and Drinking Water Among Drilled Bedrock Well Water Users for the Evaluation of Hair as a Biomonitor of Uranium Intake — Axel Israelsson and Håkan Pettersson

Analysis of Fission and Activation Radionuclides Produced by a Uranium-fueled Nuclear Detonation and Identification of the Top Dose-producing Radionuclides — Terry Kraus and Kevin Foster


2013 Dade W. Moeller Lecture: Medical Countermeasures Against Radiological Terrorism — John E. Moulder


Application of an Imaging Plate System to the Direct Measurement of a Fixed Surface Contamination — Masahiro Hirota, Keiji Kimura, Rumi Sato, Yuya Koike, Takeshi Iimoto, and Satoru Tanaka

Regarding Action Levels for Contamination by Alpha and Beta Emitting Radionuclides — Jonas Boson, Thomas Ulvsand, and Agneta H. Plamboeck


John Richard Trabalka (1942-2014) — F. Owen Hoffman, David C. Kocher, A. Iulian Apostoaei, and Brian A. Thomas


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