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The 20th Nuclear Medical Defense Conference ConRad: Global Conference on Radiation Topics
Preparedness, Response, Protection, and Research

Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology affiliated to the University of Ulm Munich, Germany
13–16 May 2013

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On the Cover: ConRad 2013: "Global Conference on Radiation Topics—Preparedness, Response, Protection, and Research," held by the Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology affiliated to the University of Ulm, Munich (Germany), 13–16 May.



ConRad—Global Conference on Radiation Topics—Preparedness, Response, Protection, and Research—Munich, 13–16 May 2013 — Viktor Meineke and Christina Beinke


The Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011 — Takako Tominaga, Misao Hachiya, Hideo Tatsuzaki, and Makoto Akashi

Combined Drug and Surgery Treatment of Plutonium-Contaminated Wounds: Indications Obtained Using a Rodent Model — Nina M. Griffiths, Sylvie Coudert, Jean Claude Wilk, Daniel Renault, Jaime F. Angulo, and Anne Van der Meeren

The Medical Decision Model and Decision Maker Tools for Management of Radiological and Nuclear Incidents — John F. Koerner, C. Norman Coleman, Paula Murrain-Hill, Denis J. FitzGerald, and Julie M. Sullivan

Cardiac Fibrillation Risk of Taser Weapons — Norbert Leitgeb

Radiation Exposure Case Management After Incorporation of Radionuclides — Guennadi Goulko, Harald Dörr, and Viktor Meineke

Gene Expression Analysis in Mayak Workers With Prolonged Occupational Radiation Exposure — Michael Abend, Tamara Azizova, Kerstin Müller, Harald Dörr, Sven Senf, Helmut Kreppel, Galina Rusinova, Irina Glazkova, Natalia Vyazovskaya, Daniel Schmidl, Kristian Unger, and Viktor Meineke

Threshold Limits for Biological Indication of Prolonged Radiation Exposure Using mFISH — Sergey V. Osovets, Nataliya V. Sotnik, Viktor Meineke, Harry Scherthan, Harald Dörr, and Tamara V. Azizova

Mitigating Radiation-Induced Toxicity: An Overview of New Approaches Developed at the French Military Biomedical Research Institute — Michel Drouet and Francis Hérodin

Preclinical Development of a Bridging Therapy for Radiation Casualties: Appropriate for High Risk Personnel — Vijay K. Singh, Stephen Y. Wise, Oluseyi O. Fatanmi, Lindsay A. Beattie, and Thomas M. Seed

Overview of Use of G-CSF and GM-CSF in the Treatment of Acute Radiation Injury — Glen Reeves

A Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Analog for Protection and Mitigation Against Acute Radiation Syndromes — Kate Casey-Sawicki, Mei Zhang, Sunghee Kim, Amy Zhang, Steven B. Zhang, Zhenhuan Zhang, Ravi Singh, Shanmin Yang, Steven Swarts, Sadasivan Vidyasagar, Lurong Zhang, Aiguo Zhang, and Paul Okunieff

Transient Gene Therapy to Treat Cutaneous Radiation Syndrome: Development in a Minipig Model — Diane Riccobono, Fabien Forcheron, Diane Agay, Harry Scherthan, Viktor Meineke, and Michel Drouet

Ciprofloxacin Increases Survival After Ionizing Irradiation Combined Injury: Γ-H2ax Formation, Cytokine/Chemokine, and Red Blood Cells — Juliann G. Kiang and Risaku Fukumoto

Significance of Bioindicators to Predict Survival in Irradiated Minipigs — Maria Moroni, Matthias Port, Amory Koch, Jatinder Gulani, Viktor Meineke, and Michael Abend

An Amino Acid Mixture Mitigates Radiation-Induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity — Liangjie Yin, Pooja Vijaygopal, Rejeesh Menon, Lauren A. Vaught, Mei Zhang, Lurong Zhang, Paul Okunieff, and Sadasivan Vidyasagar

Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Assay by Manual and Automated Scoring: Calibration Curves and Dose Prediction — S. De Sanctis, A. De Amicis, S. Di Cristofaro, V. Franchini, E. Regalbuto, G. Mammana, and F. Lista

Useful Radiation Dose Biomarkers for Early Identification of Partial-Body Exposures — Francis Hérodin, Marco Valente, and Michael Abend

Comparison of the Needs for Biodosimetry for Large-Scale Radiation Events for Military Versus Civilian Populations — Harold M. Swartz, Ann Barry Flood, Benjamin B. Williams, Viktor Meineke, and Harald Dörr

Validation of Semi-Automatic Scoring of Dicentric Chromosomes After Simulation of Three Different Irradiation Scenarios — H. Romm, E. Ainsbury, S. Barnard, L. Barrios, J.F. Barquinero, C. Beinke, M. Deperas, E. Gregoire, A. Koivistoinen, C. Lindholm, J. Moquet, U. Oestreicher, R. Puig, K. Rothkamm, S. Sommer, H. Thierens, V. Vandersickel, A. Vral, and A. Wojcik

Early-Response Biomarkers for Assessment of Radiation Exposure in a Mouse Total-Body Irradiation Model — Natalia I. Ossetrova, Donald P. Condliffe, Patrick H. Ney, Katya Krasnopolsky, Kevin P. Hieber, Arifur Rahman, and David J. Sandgren

Dose Estimation Using Dicentric Chromosome Assay and Cytokinesis Block Micronucleus Assay: Comparison Between Manual and Automated Scoring in Triage Mode — Andrea De Amicis, Stefania De Sanctis, Sara Di Cristofaro, Valeria Franchini, Elisa Regalbuto, Giacomo Mammana, and Florigio Lista

EPR Retrospective Dosimetry With Fingernails: Report on First Application Cases — Francis Trompier, Francois Queinnec, Eric Bey, Thierry de Revel, Jean Jacques Lataillade, Isabelle Clairand, Marc Benderitter, and Jean-Francois Bottollier-Depois

Comparing Risk Estimates Following Diagnostic CT Radiation Exposures Employing Different Methodological Approaches — Valery V. Kashcheev, Evgeny A. Pryakhin, Alexander N. Menyaylo, Sergey Yu. Chekin, and Viktor K. Ivanov


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