Health Physics Society Journal

May 2014, Volume 106, Number 5

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On the cover: See the paper by Vasquez et al. on p. 571 for more information.



A Comparison of Winter Short-term and Annual Average Radon Measurements in Basements of a Radon-prone Region and Evaluation of Further Radon Testing Indicators — Nirmalla G. Barros, Daniel J. Steck, and R. William Field

Gross Alpha and Beta Activity Analyses in UrineVA Routine Laboratory Method for Internal Human Radioactivity Detection — Xiaowen Chen, Luqian Zhao, Hongran Qin, Meijia Zhao, Yirui Zhou, Shuqiang Yang, Xu Su, and Xiaohua Xu

Accuracy of Effective Dose Estimation in Personal Dosimetry: A Comparison between Single-badge and Double-badge Methods and the MOSFET Method — Natalie Januzis, Matthew D. Belley, Giao Nguyen, Greta Toncheva, Carolyn Lowry, Michael J. Miller, Tony P. Smith, and Terry T. Yoshizumi

Time Variation and Strength Distribution of Air Dose Rate in Fukushima — Masamichi Ishihara

Imaging Plant Leaves to Determine Changes in Radioactive Contamination Status in Fukushima, Japan — Hiroo Nakajima, Mamoru Fujiwara, Isao Tanihata, Tadashi Saito, Norihiro Matsuda, and Takeshi Todo

A Dose-Reconstruction Study of the 1997 Sarov Criticality Accident Using Animated Dosimetry Techniques — Justin A. Vazquez, Aiping Ding, Thomas Haley, Peter F. Caracappa, and X. George Xu


A Proposed Simple Model for Estimating Occupational Radiation Dose to Staff from Veterinary 18F-FDG Pet Procedures — Nicole E. Martinez, Susan L. Kraft, and Thomas E. Johnson


Efficacy of Prussian Blue on 137Cs Decorporation Therapy — D. R. Melo, J. L. Lipsztein, R. Leggett, L. Bertelli, and R. Guilmette

On the Air-filled Effective Porosity Parameter of Rogers and Nielson's (1991) Bulk Radon Diffusion Coefficient in Unsaturated Soils — Zakaria Saâdi


Differences in Lung Cancer Mortality Trends from 1986-2012 by Radon Risk Areas in British Columbia, Canada — Sarah B. Henderson, Stephen A. Rauch, Perry Hystad, and Tom Kosatsky

Shielding Design for Multiple-energy Linear Accelerators — Robert J. Barish


Activity Thresholds for Patient Instruction and Release for Positron Emission Tomography Radionuclides: Erratum


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