Health Physics Society Journal

March 2014, Volume 106, Number 3

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On the cover: See paper by David Sliney and colleagues on page 353 for more information.



Activity Thresholds for Patient Instruction and Release for Positron Emission Tomography Radionuclides — Matthew J. Williamson and Lawrence T. Dauer

Optical Safety of Comparative Theater Projectors — David H. Sliney, Casey Stack, David Schnuelle, and Jay Parkinson

Estimating Radiation Absorbed Dose of Individuals Nearby 131I-Treated Hyperthyroid Patients — Songye Cui, Ling Jiao, Jian Tan, Guizhi Zhang, Haiying Zhang, Wei Long, Saijun Fan, and Wenyi Zhang

Thyroid Cancer Study Among Ukrainian Children Exposed to Radiation After the Chornobyl Accident: Improved Estimates of the Thyroid Doses to the Cohort Members — Ilya Likhtarov, Lina Kovgan, Sergii Masiuk, Mykola Talerko, Mykola Chepurny, Olga Ivanova, Valentina Gerasymenko, Zulfira Boyko, Paul Voillequé, Vladimir Drozdovitch, and André Bouville

Errors in Measurements of 222Rn in Methane and Carbon Dioxide Using Scintillation Cells Calibrated for 222Rn in Air — Phillip H. Jenkins, James F. Burkhart, and Robert E. Camley


Energy Dependent Chest Wall Thickness Equations for Male Lung Monitoring with Germanium Detectors — D. Broggio, X. Lechaftois, O. Abline, B. Fleury, A. Vial, P. Corrèze, D. Franck, and V. Merzoug


Historical Review of Lung Counting Efficiencies for Low Energy Photon Emitters — Karen L. Jeffers and David P. Hickman


Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electric Fields Induced by Movement of the Human Body in a Static Magnetic Field and by Time-Varying Magnetic Fields Below 1 Hz — International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection


Comment on Investigation of Photon Shielding Property Changes in Curing High Density Concrete — Jim Bogard

Response to Bogard — John Schreiner and Matthew Marsh

Response to Khalaf et al., "Effect of a Simulation of 241Am Deposition Pattern in the Leg Bones on the Detection Efficiency of a High Purity Germanium Detector" — Megan Lee Lobaugh

Response to Lobough — Majid Khalaf

Comment on the Results of the Long-Term Estimation of the Non-Equilibrium Factor F = 0.75 — J. Thomas

Reply to Thomas — Naomi Harley


Physics for Radiation Protection — Ernesto Amato

Human Lung Cancer Risks from Radon, Influence From Bystander and Adaptive Response Non-Linear Dose Response Effects — Michael J. Bonvento

Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine Second Edition: Applications in Diagnostic Imaging — Choonsik Lee

Statistical Methods in Radiation Physics — Michael J. Bonvento


John M. "Jack" Selby, CHP (1932–2013) — Ronald L. Kathren


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