Health Physics Society Journal

October 2013, Volume 105, Number 4

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On the cover: Free radicals attacking the divalent coppers to form the monovalent coppers in a ceruloplasmin molecule. See paper by Xiao-hong Zhang and colleagues for more information.



Evaluation of Vegetables in Tsukuba for Contamination With Radioactive Materials From the Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant — Tomonori Isobe, Yutaro Mori, Kenta Takada, Eisuke Sato, Hideki Takahashi, Takao Sekiguchi, Yousuke Yoshimura, Hideyuki Sakurai, and Takeji Sakae

Investigation of Photon Shielding Property Changes in Curing High Density Concrete — Matthew B. Marsh, Christopher Peters, Nicholas Rawluk, and L. John Schreiner

Long Lived Gamma Emitting Radionuclides in Incense — Tareq Alrefae

Realistic Approach to Estimate Lens Doses and Cataract Radiation Risk in Cardiology When Personal Dosimeters Have Not Been Regularly Used — Eliseo Vañó, José M. Fernández, Roberto M. Sánchez, and Lawrence T. Dauer

Daily Radionuclide Ingestion and Internal Radiation Doses in Aomori Prefecture, Japan — Yoshihito Ohtsuka, Hideki Kakiuchi, Naofumi Akata, Yuichi Takaku, and Shun’ichi Hisamatsu

Development of Serum Copper-Based Biological Dosimetry in Whole Body Gamma Irradiation of Mice — Xiao-hong Zhang, Xuan-yu Min, Ai-lian Wang, Zhi-chao Lou, Ya-nan Zhang, Xiao-dan Hu, and Hai-qian Zhang

Radioactive Seed Localization with 125I for Nonpalpable Lesions Prior to Breast Lumpectomy and/or Excisional Biopsy: Methodology, Safety, and Experience of Initial Year — Lawrence T. Dauer, Cynthia Thornton, Daniel Miodownik, Daniel Boylan, Brian Holahan, Valencia King, Edi Brogi, Monica Morrow, Elizabeth A. Morris, and Jean St. Germain


Biodosimetry of Restoration Workers for the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident — Yumiko Suto, Momoki Hirai, Miho Akiyama, Gen Kobashi, Masanari Itokawa, Makoto Akashi, and Nobuyuki Sugiura


The Effect of X-Ray Scattering by Water in the Irradiation of Cell Cultures for the Dosimetric Characterization of a New Prototype of IORT (Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy) Device: Monte Carlo Simulation and Experimental Validation — E. Ceccolini, P. Ferrari, D.M. Castelluccio, D. Mostacci, and M. Sumini

Measurement of Internal Radiation Exposure Among Decontamination Workers in Villages Near the Crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant — Masaharu Tsubokura, Masahiko Nihei, Katsumi Sato, Shin Masaki, Yu Sakuma, Shigeaki Kato, Amina Sugimoto, Shuhei Nomura, Tomoko Matsumura, Makoto Miyazaki, Ryugo Hayano, Kenji Shibuya, Masahiro Kami, and Taro Sasaki

Calixarene Cleansing Formulation for Uranium Skin Contamination — Guillaume Phan, NaBma Semili, Céline Bouvier-Capely, Géraldine Landon, Ghozlene Mekhloufi, Nicolas Huang, François Rebière, Michelle Agarande, and Elias Fattal


Improving Consistency in the Radiation Fields Used During Testing of Radiation Detection Instruments for Homeland Security Application: Erratum


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