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August 2013, Volume 105, Number 2

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On the cover: Results of Naval Medical Research Institute (NMRI) survey readings in mR/hr at (a) Nagasaki on 15-27 October 1945 and (b) Hiroshima on 1-2 November 1945. The NMRI survey team used a Geiger-Müller type instrument constructed in-house with most measurements taken 1 m above the ground. Reference: McRaney W, McGahan J. Radiation dose reconstruction, U.S. Occupation Forces in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 1945-1946. McLean, VA: Science Applications, Inc.; DNA Report 5512F; 6 August 1980.



Iodine-131 in Sewage Sludge from a Small Water Pollution Control Plant Serving a Thyroid Cancer Treatment Facility — Paula S. Rose and R. Lawrence Swanson

A Dynamic Transfer Model for the Estimation of 14C Radioactivity in Japanese Radish (Daikon) Plants — Tani Takashi, Ryuji Arai, Susumu Nozoe, Yasuhiro Tako, and Yuji Nakamura

Source Terms and Attenuation Lengths for Estimating Shielding Requirements or Dose Analyses of Proton Therapy Accelerators — Rong-Jiun Sheu, Bo-Lun Lai, Uei-Tyng Lin, and Shiang-Huei Jiang

Workshop Report on Atomic Bomb Dosimetry—Residual Radiation Exposure: Recent Research and Suggestions for Future Studies — George D. Kerr, Stephen D. Egbert, Isaf Al-Nabulsi, Harold L. Beck, Harry M. Cullings, Satoru Endo, Masaharu Hoshi, Tetsuji Imanaka, Dean C. Kaul, Satoshi Maruyama, Glen I. Reeves, Werner Ruehm, Aya Sakaguchi, Steven L. Simon, Gregory D. Spriggs, Daniel O. Stram, Tetsuji Tonda, Joseph F. Weiss, Ronald L. Weitz, and Robert W. Young

TL Behavior of Topaz-glass Composite in Various Irradiation Fields — M. Sardar, D.N. Souza, M. Tufail, Linda V.E. Caldas, P.L. Antonio, and A.B. Carvalho, Jr.

Effect of Contrast Material on Radiation Dose in an Adult Cardiac Dual-Energy CT Using Retrospective ECG-Gating — Jijo Paul, Volkmar Jacobi, Babak Bazrafshan, Parviz Farshid, and Thomas Vogl

Radiation Risk of Malignant Neoplasms in Organs of Main Deposition for Plutonium in the Cohort of Mayak Workers with Regard to Histological Types — E.V. Labutina, I.S. Kuznetsova, N. Hunter, J. Harrison, and N.A. Koshurnikova

Radiofrequency Energy Exposure from the Trilliant Smart Meter — Kenneth R. Foster and Richard A. Tell

Comparison of Measured and Calculated Dose Rates Near Y. Yi, M.G. Stabin, M.H. McKaskle, M.D. Shone, and A.B. Johnson

Enhanced Analysis Methods to Derive the Spatial Distribution of 131I Deposition on the Ground by Airborne Surveys at an Early Stage after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident — Tatsuo Torii, Takeshi Sugita, Colin E. Okada, Michael S. Reed, and Daniel J. Blumenthal


Decontamination of Radionuclides From Skin: An Overview — Anissa Tazrart, Philippe Bérard, Alexandra Leiterer, and Florence Ménétrier


Species-dependent Effective Concentration of DTPA in Plasma for Chelation of 241Am — Katsuhiko Sueda, Matthew P. Sadgrove, Michael Jay, and Anthony J. Di Pasqua


Updated Emergency Response Guidance for the First 48 h after the Outdoor Detonation of an Explosive Radiological Dispersal Device: Erratum

Fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society: 7 July - 11 July 2013 Madison, Wisconsin: Erratum


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