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May 2013, Volume 104, Number 5

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On the cover: Dairy cow and calf grazing on the floodplain of the Techa River in Russia downstream from the Mayak Production Association. The reference Village of Muslyumovo is in the background across the river. The milk pathway is a major pathway for the ingestion of cesium-137 for residents of this and villages farther upstream. For more information, see the article by E.I. Tolstykh and colleagues on page 481 for evaluation of the intake of cesium-137 by the members of the Techa River Cohort.



Supplemental Digital Content � Michael T. Ryan


The Efficacy of Patient-Dependent Practices on Exposure Rate in Patients Undergoing Iodine-131 Ablation � Salih Sinan G�ltekin and Turan Sahmaran

Default Operational Intervention Levels (OILs) for Severe Nuclear Power Plant or Spent Fuel Pool Emergencies � T. McKenna, V. Kutkov, P. Vilar Welter, B. Dodd, and E. Buglova

Shielding Considerations for the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) � Elaine Sayler, Derek Dolney, Stephen Avery, and Cameron Koch

Reconstruction of Long-Lived Radionuclide Intakes for Techa Riverside Residents: 137Cs � E.I. Tolstykh, M.O. Degteva, L.M. Peremyslova, N.B. Shagina, M.I. Vorobiova, L.R. Anspaugh, and B.A. Napier

Imaging Doses and Secondary Cancer Risk From Kilovoltage Cone-Beam CT in Radiation Therapy � Dong Wook Kim, Weon Kuu Chung, and Myonggeun Yoon

GdBr3:Ce in a Glass Wafer as a Nuclear Radiation Monitor � Zhitao Kang, Robert Rosson, M. Brooke Barta, Jason Nadler, Brent Wagner, and Bernd Kahn


Selection of an Appropriate Air Kerma Rate Constant for 75Se Sources � Blake H. Currier, John J. Munro III, and David C. Medich


Determination and Maintenance of de Minimis Risk for Migration of Residual Tritium (3H) From the 1969 Project Rulison Nuclear Test to Nearby Hydraulically Fractured Natural Gas Wells � Jeffrey I. Daniels and Jenny B. Chapman


Uncertainties in the Estimation of Radiation Risks and Probability of Disease Causation (NCRP Report No. 171) � John B. Cologne

Advances in Medical Physics, Volume 4 � Michael J. Bonvento


Monte Carlo Simulation of In Vivo Measurement of the Most Suitable Knee Position for the Optimal Measurement of Activity: Erratum


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