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April 2013, Volume 104, Number 4

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A: Front measurement of the knee with the leg in the straight position, B: lateral measurement of the knee with the leg in the straight position, C: front measurement of the knee with the leg in the bent position, and D: lateral measurement of the knee with the leg in the bent position. See paper by Khalaf et al. on p. 405 for more information.



The Gulf War Depleted Uranium Cohort at 20 years: Bioassay Results and Novel Approaches to Fragment Surveillance — Melissa A. McDiarmid, Joanna M. Gaitens, Stella Hines, Richard Breyer, Jade J. Wong-You-Cheong, Susan M. Engelhardt, Marc Oliver, Patricia Gucer, Robert Kane, Alison Cernich, Bruce Kaup, Dennis Hoover, Anthony A. Gaspari, Juan Liu, Erin Harberts, Lawrence Brown, Jose A. Centeno, Patrick J. Gray, Hanna Xu, and Katherine S. Squibb

Robust Technique Using an Imaging Plate to Detect Environmental Radioactivity — Tomonori Isobe, Yutaro Mori, Kenta Takada, Eisuke Sato, Hideyuki Sakurai, and Takeji Sakae

Mayak Worker Dosimetry System 2008 (MWDS-2008): Assessment of Internal Dose from Measurement Results of Plutonium Activity in Urine — Victor V. Khokhryakov, Valentin F. Khokhryakov, Klara G. Suslova, Vadim V. Vostrotin, Vladimir E. Vvedensky, Alexandra B. Sokolova, Melinda P. Krahenbuhl, Alan Birchall, Scott C. Miller, Anatoly E. Schadilov, and Alexander V. Ephimov

Characterization of MOSFET Detectors for In Vivo Dosimetry in Interventional Radiology and for Dose Reconstruction in Case of Overexposure — Céline Bassinet, Christelle Huet, Marion Baumann, Cécile Etard, Jean-Luc Réhel, Gilbert Boisserie, Jacques Debroas, Bernard Aubert, and Isabelle Clairand

UV Emissions from Artificial Tanning Devices and Their Compliance with the European Technical Standard — Stefania Facta, Stefania Saudino Fusette, Alessandro Bonino, Laura Anglesio, and Giovanni d'Amore

Application of Bayesian Inference to the Bioassay Data from Long-term Follow-up of Two Refractory PuO2 Inhalation Cases — Maia Avtandilashvili, Richard Brey, and Alan Birchall

Monte Carlo Simulation of In Vivo Measurement of the Most Suitable Knee Position for the Optimal Measurement of Activity — Majid Khalaf, Richard R. Brey, Jason T. Harris, DeWayne Derryberry, and George Tabatadze

Patient Release Criteria for Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy Implants — Dale E. Boyce and Michael A. Sheetz

Risk-based Containment and Air Monitoring Criteria for Work with Dispersible Radioactive Materials — Venkateswara Rao Veluri and Alan L. Justus

Greek Dose Reference Levels in Pediatric Pelvis Computed Tomography Examinations — Emmanouil Yakoumakis, Maria Karlatira, Triantafillia Makri, Sophia Kottou, and Evangelos Georgiou

Uptake of 131I in Households of Thyroid Cancer Patients — David L. North


Incorrect Interpretation of Moving-filter Continuous Particulate Air Monitor Responses — William C. Evans


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