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March 2013, Volume 104, Number 3

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Statue of Prometheus in a town square in Ozyorsk, Russia. Ozyorsk is a closed "Nuclear City" and is the location of the Mayak Production Association, the first site in Russia to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons. Prometheus was the Titan god of forethought and molded mankind out of clay, but to benefit mankind he stole fire from Zeus, the king of Olympian gods. A product of plutonium production and reprocessing is Americium-241. For more information, see the article by Klara G. Suslova and colleagues on page 313 for new data on americium exposures of workers at the Mayak Production Association.



Decontamination of Outdoor School Swimming Pools in Fukushima After the Nuclear Accident in March 2011 — J. Saegusa, H. Kurikami, R. Yasuda, K. Kurihara, S. Arai, R. Kuroki, S. Matsuhashi, T. Ozawa, H. Goto, T. Takano, H. Mitamura, T. Nagano, H. Naganawa, Z. Yoshida, H. Funaki, T. Tokizawa, and S. Nakayama

Analysis of Uranium Concentration in Drinking Water Samples Using ICPMS — Asha Rani, Rohit Mehra, Vikas Duggal, and V. Balaram

Statistical Considerations for Improved Signal Identification From Repeated Measurements at Low Signal-to-Background Ratios — A. Brandl

Analysis of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Coal Combustion Fly Ash, Gypsum, and Scrubber Residue Samples — Angela R. Roper, Michael G. Stabin, Rossane C. Delapp, and David S. Kosson

Retention and Excretion of 3H in Rats Following the Intratracheal Intubation of Tritiated Pump Oil — N.D. Priest, P. Burchart, and S.M. Carlisle

A Novel Shielding Scheme Studied by the Monte Carlo Method for Electron Beam Radiotherapy — Kun Yue, Yuan Yao, Xiaoqing Dong, and Wenyun Luo

Joint Analysis of Three European Nested Case-Control Studies of Lung Cancer Among Radon Exposed Miners: Exposure Restricted to Below 300 WLM — Nezahat Hunter, Colin R. Muirhead, Ladislav Tomasek, Michaela Kreuzer, Dominique Laurier, Klervi Leuraud, Maria Schnelzer, Bernd Grosche, Vit Placek, Alena Heribanova, and Margot Timarche

Radiofrequency Exposure in Greek Indoor Environments — Ioannis Markakis and Theodoros Samaras

Rapid Measurement of 89,90Sr Radioactivity in Rinse Water — Takada Masashi, Enomoto Hiroko, and Suzuki Toshikazu

Accumulation, Organ Distribution, and Excretion Kinetics of 241Am in Mayak Production Association Workers — Klara G. Suslova, Alexandra B. Sokolova, Alexander V. Efimov, and Scott C. Miller


Assessment of Natural Radioactivity and Radiological Hazards in Building Materials Used in Yan’an, China — Xinwei Lu, Nan Li, Guang Yang, and Caifeng Zhao


Statistics of Medical Imaging — Camille Palmer

Radioactive Sources and Radiation Exposure Effects on the Mayak PA (Production Association) Workers and Population Living in the Area of Nuclear Facility Influence. Parts I, II, and III — Michael T. Ryan

RT X-Ray Physics Review — Lawrence E. Williams

Actions for Survival: Saving Lives in the Immediate Hours After Release of Radioactive or Other Toxic Agents — Carson A. Riland


Evaluation of 241Am Deposited in Different Parts of the Leg Bones and Skeleton to Justify In Vivo Measurements of the Knee for Estimating Total Skeletal Activity: Erratum

Development and Dosimetry of a Small Animal Lung Irradiation Platform: Erratum


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