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January 2013, Volume 104, Number 1

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Components of the leg voxel phantom. See the paper by Khalaf and colleagues on page 51 for more information.



Evaluation of Second Cancer Induction Risk by CT Follow-Up in Oncological Long-Surviving Patients — R. Calandrino, V. Ardu, D. Corletto, A. del Vecchio, D. Origgi, P. Signorotto, A. Spinelli, G. Tosi, A. Bolognesi, M. Cariati, A. Kluzer, and S. Muscarella

Reevaluation of 241Am Content in the USTUR Case 0102 Leg Phantom — George Tabatadze, Richard R. Brey, Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, and D. Jeffrey Meldrum

Bayesian Analyses of Time-Interval Data for Environmental Radiation Monitoring — Peng Luo, Julia L. Sharp, and Timothy A. DeVol

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Radiogenic Risk Projections: Uncertainty Analysis — David J. Pawel

Activity Concentration of Natural Radionuclides and Radon and Thoron Exhalation Rates in Rocks Used as Decorative Wall Coverings in Japan — Kazuki Iwaoka, Masahiro Hosoda, Hiroyuki Tabe, Tetsuo Ishikawa, Shinji Tokonami, and Hidenori Yonehara

A New Leg Voxel Model in Two Different Positions for Simulation of the Non-Uniform Distribution of 241Am in Leg Bones — Majid Khalaf, Richard R. Brey, and Jeff Meldrum

Evaluation of 241Am Deposited in Different Parts of the Leg Bones and Skeleton to Justify In Vivo Measurements of the Knee for Estimating Total Skeletal Activity — Majid Khalaf, Richard R. Brey, and DeWayne Derryberry

Improving the Presage® Polymer Radiosensitivity for Hot Cell and Glovebox 3D Characterization — John Adamovics, Eduardo B. Farfán, and J. Rusty Coleman

Evaluation of the Effects of Scattered Radiation on Dosimeter Calibration in a Calibration Range — Christian M. Petrie, Ronni G. Nimps, Thomas E. Blue, and Kevin Herminghuysen

Estimating Thyroid Masses for Children, Infants, and Fetuses in Ukraine Exposed to 131I From the Chernobyl Accident — I. Likhtarov, L. Kovgan, S. Masiuk, M. Chepurny, O. Ivanova, V. Gerasymenko, Z. Boyko, P. Voillequé, Y. Antipkin, S. Lutsenko, V. Oleynik, V. Kravchenko, and M. Tronko

Exposure Assessment of Extremely Low Frequency Electric Fields in Tehran, Iran, 2010 — Parvin Nassiri, Mohammad Reza Monazzam Esmaeilpour, Ehsan Gharachahi, Gholamali Haghighat, Masoud Yunesian, and Narges Zaredar


Kinetics Equation Replacement Function for a Particular Continuous Intake Scenario — Charles A. Potter

Quality Control Phantom for Flat Panel Detector X-Ray Systems — Koichi Chida, Yuji Kaga, Yoshihiro Haga, Ken Takeda, and Masayuki Zuguchi


Differences in Rates of Decrease of Environmental Radiation Dose Rates by Ground Surface Property in Fukushima City After the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident — Takeyasu Kakamu, Hideyuki Kanda, Masayoshi Tsuji, Daisuke Kobayashi, Masao Miyake, Takehito Hayakawa, Shin-ichiro Katsuda, Yayoi Mori, Toshiyasu Okouchi, Akihiro Hazama, and Tetsuhito Fukushima


Commentary: What Is the Health Risk of 740 Bq L–1 of Tritium? — Antone L. Brooks, Lezlie A. Couch, and Schaefer A. Chad

RE: Validity and Use of the UV Index; The Benefit of Solar UVB in Reducing Risk of Cancer Is Strong — William B. Grant

Reply to William B. Grant — Sarah Allinson, Monika Asmuss, Cornelia Baldermann, Joan Bentzen, David Buller, Nathalie Gerber, Adele C. Green, Ruediger Greinert, Michael Kimlin, Julie Kunrath, Ruediger Matthes, Christiane Pölz Viol, Eva Rehfuess, Constanze Rossman, Natalie Schüz, Craig Sinclair, Emilie Van Deventer, Ann Webb, Wolfgang Weiss, and Gunde Ziegelberger


Safety Reports Series No. 63, Release of Patients After Radionuclide Therapy — Bae P. Chu

Radiation Protection at Light Water Reactors — Dennis Quinn


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