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December 2012, Volume 103, Number 6

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A man and his dog - voxelised. See the note by Gary Kramer on page 802 for more information.



2012 Distinguished Public Service Award � Paul L. Ziemer � Citation by Richard J. Vetter

2012 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award � Antone L. Brooks � Citation by Ronald L. Kathren

2012 Founders Award � Leo G. Faust � Citation by Ronald L. Kathren

2012 Founders Award Memorialization � Edward Joseph Vallario � Citation by Ronald L. Kathren

2012 Health Physics Society Honor Roll � Sydney W. Porter, Jr. � Citation by Karen Colucci, Kent Lambert, and David Allard

2012 Elda E. Anderson Award � Jason Timothy Harris � Citation by Richard Brey

2012 H. Wade Patterson Memorial Award � Marilyn Magenis � Citation by Michael P. Grissom

2012 Lutz Moritz Memorial Award � Audrey Evelan � Citation by Michael P. Grissom

2012 William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award � Robert N. Cherry � Citation by Govind R. Rao

2012 Health Physics Society 50-Year Members

2011-2012 Health Physics Society Fellow Members

2011-2012 Health Physics Society Travel/Worker Grant Recipients

2011-2012 Health Physics Society Student Science Award

2011-2012 Health Physics Society Student Fellowships/Scholarships


A Review of Contemporary Methods for the Presentation of Scientific Uncertainty � K.A. Makinson, D.M. Hamby, and J.A. Edwards

Methodology for Estimating Cancer Risks of Diagnostic Medical Exposure: With an Example of the Risks Associated with Computed Tomography � Victor K. Ivanov, Anatoly F. Tsyb, Fred A. Mettler, Alexander N. Menyaylo, and Valery V. Kashcheev

Comparative Measurements of the External Radiation Exposure in a 137Cs Contaminated Village in Belarus Based on Optically Stimulated Luminescence in NaCl and Thermoluminescence in LiF � Christian Bernhardsson, Svetlana Matskevich, S�ren Mattsson, and Christopher R��f

Occupational and Public Field Exposure from Communication, Navigation, and Radar Systems Used for Air Traffic Control � Wout Joseph, Francis Goeminne, G�nter Vermeeren, Leen Verloock, and Luc Martens

Validation of the Photon Dose Calculation Model in the VARSKIN 4 Skin Dose Computer Code � Sami Sherbini, Joseph DeCicco, Richard Struckmeyer, Mohammad Saba, and Stephanie Bush-Goddard

Multichannel Statistical Analysis of Low-Level Radioactivity in the Presence of Background Counts � Fran�ois Lemay

Monte Carlo Modeling of Ion Chamber Performance Using MCNP � J.D. Wallace

Comparative Analysis of the Dynamics of Thrombocytopoietic, Granulocytopoietic, and Erythropoietic Systems in Irradiated Humans: A Modeling Approach � O.A. Smirnova


The HML's New Voxel Phantoms: Two Human Males, One Human Female, and Two Male Canines � Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, Sabina Strocchi, Brock Bearrs, Kwan Leung, and Nicole Martinez


High Risk from Background Radiation in Yangjiang, China � Alfred Koerblein

Response to Koerblein � Suminori Akiba


Understanding Radiation: A Common Sense Approach � Matt Grypp

Second Primary Cancers and Cardiovascular Disease after Radiation Therapy � David G. Hoel

Quality Assurance for PET and PET/CT Systems � Thomas L. Morgan


A Nonhuman Primate Model of the Hematopoietic Acute Radiation Syndrome Plus Medical Management: Erratum


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