Health Physics Society Journal

September 2012, Volume 103, Number 3

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On the cover: Measurement of the right axillary Am-241 lymph nodes inserted in the modified University of Cincinnati Livermore thorax phantom using a 12,688 mm2 thin window NaI(Tl) detector. See the paper by Lobaugh et al. on p. 279 for more information.



Dose Optimization for Different Medical Imaging Tasks from Exposure Index, Exposure Control Factor, and mAs in Digital Radiography — Menglong Zhang, Bin Zhao, Yaying Wang, Weixia Chen, and Lixia Hou

The Effectiveness of Mitigation for Reducing Radon Risk in Single-Family Minnesota Homes — Daniel J. Steck

Determination of In Vitro Lung Solubility and Intake-to-dose Conversion Factor for Tritiated Lanthanum Nickel Aluminum Alloy — Eduardo B. Farfa´n, Thomas R. LaBone, Gregory C. Staack, Yung-Sung Cheng, Yue Zhou, and Thomas P. Varallo

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Dosimetry for a Large-Scale Radiation Incident — Harold M. Swartz, Ann Barry Flood, Benjamin B. Williams, Ruhong Dong, Steven G. Swarts, Xiaoming He, Oleg Grinberg, Jason Sidabras, Eugene Demidenko, Jiang Gui, David J. Gladstone, Lesley A. Jarvis, Maciej M. Kmiec, Kyo Kobayashi, Piotr N. Lesniewski, Stephen D.P. Marsh, Thomas P. Matthews, Roberto J. Nicolalde, Patrick M. Pennington, Timothy Raynolds, Ildar Salikhov, Dean E. Wilcox, and Bassem I. Zaki

Cylindrical Waveguide Electromagnetic Exposure System for Biological Studies with Unrestrained Mice at 1.9 GHz — Siriwat Wasoontarajaroen, Artnarong Thansandote, Gregory B. Gajda, Eric P. Lemay, James P. McNamee, and Pascale V. Bellier

Evaluation of Tea as a Matrix in a Dual (3H/14C) Performance Testing Program in Canada — Joseph N. Daka, Gerry Moodie, Anthony DiNardo, and Gary H. Kramer

Detection Efficiency for Measuring 241Am in Axillary Lymph Nodes Using Different Types and Sizes of Detectors — Megan L. Lobaugh, Henry B. Spitz, and Samuel E. Glover

Reevaluation of USTUR Plutonium Wound Case 0262 Using Bayesian Methodology and New Data — Shane N. Weber, Richard R. Brey, and Anthony C. James

Validity and Use of the UV Index Report from the UVI Working Group, Schloss Hohenkammer, Germany, 5-7 December 2011 — Sarah Allinson, Monika Asmuss, Cornelia Baldermann, Joan Bentzen, David Buller, Nathalie Gerber, Adele C. Green, Ruediger Greinert, Michael Kimlin, Julie Kunrath, Ruediger Matthes, Christiane Pölzl-Viol, Eva Rehfuess, Constanze Rossmann, Natalie Schüz, Craig Sinclair, Emilie van Deventer, Ann Webb, Wolfgang Weiss, and Gunde Ziegelberger


The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Reemphasizes the Need for Improved Risk Communication and Better Use of Social Media — Kwan-Hoong Ng and Mei-Li Lean


An Assessment of Radon in Groundwater in New York State — Stephen B. Shaw and David A.V. Eckhardt

Swiss Population Exposure to Radiation by Interventional Radiology in 2008 — Eleni Theano Samara, Abbas Aroua, François O. Bochud, Pierre Bize, and Francis R. Verdun

Photon Interaction Parameters of Dosimetric Interest in Bone — H. C. Manjunatha and B. Rudraswamy


The Physics and Applications of PET/CT Imaging — Xin Qian


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