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August 2012, Volume 103, Number 2

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On the cover: The 19th Nuclear Medical Defense Conference of the Bundeswehr Institute of Radiobiology affiliated to the University of Ulm, Munich, 16–19 May 2011.



Medical Management of Radiation Emergencies—the 13th Nuclear Medical Defence Conference in Munich, 16–19 May 2011 — Viktor Meineke and Claudia Biendl


Application of Adipocyte-Derived Stem Cells in Treatment of Cutaneous Radiation Syndrome — Diane Riccobono, Diane Agay, Harry Scherthan, Fabien Forcheron, Mylène Vivier, Bruno Ballester, Viktor Meineke, and Michel Drouet

High Potential for Methodical Improvements of FISH-Based Translocation Analysis for Retrospective Radiation Biodosimetry — Christina Beinke and Viktor Meineke

Retrospective Patient Dose Analysis of Ghana's First Direct Digital Radiography System — Stephen Inkoom, James Togobo, Geoffrey Emi-Reynolds, Adrian Oddoye, Theophilus Ofosu Ntiri, and Prince Kwabena Gyekye

Gene Therapy to Mitigate Radiation-Induced Bone Marrow Aplasia: Preliminary Study in Highly Irradiated Monkeys — Michel Drouet, Diane Agay, Philippe Garrigou, André Peinnequin, and Francis Hérodin

Assessment of Total- and Partial-Body Irradiation in a Baboon Model: Preliminary Results of a Kinetic Study Including Clinical, Physical, and Biological Parameters — Francis Hérodin, Sandrine Richard, Nancy Grenier, Philippe Arvers, Patrick Gérome, Stéphane Baugé, Josiane Denis, Hervé Chaussard, Stéphane Gouard, Jean-François Mayol, Diane Agay, and Michel Drouet

Biophysics and Medical Effects of Enhanced Radiation Weapons — Glen I. Reeves

Reliable and Sample Saving Gene Expression Analysis Approach for Diagnostic Tool Development — Matthias Port, Christof Seidl, Christian G. Ruf, Armin Riecke, Viktor Meineke, and Michael Abend

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident—An Overview — Harald Thielen

Study of the Stability of EPR Signals After Irradiation of Fingernail Samples — Ricardo A. Reyes, François Trompier, and Alexander Romanyukha

X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy for Investigation of Archival Tissues — T. Paunesku, M.B. Wanzer, E.N. Kirillova, K.N. Muksinova, V.S. Revina, E.R. Lyubchansky, B. Grosche, M. Birschwilks, S. Vogt, L. Finney, and G.E. Woloschak

Internal Contamination by Actinides After Wounding: A Robust Rodent Model for Assessment of Local and Distant Actinide Retention — N.M. Griffiths, J.C.Wilk, M.C. Abram, D. Renault, Q. Chau, N. Helfer, C. Guichet, and A. Van der Meeren

Improved Classification of Evidence for EMF Health Risks — Norbert Leitgeb


Emergency Care Centers—An Efficient Method for Mitigation of Consequences After a Dirty Bomb Attack — Horst Miska


Thermal Effusivity: A Promising Imaging Biomarker to Predict Radiation-Induced Skin Injuries — James Chu, Jiangang Sun, Alistair Templeton, Rui Yao, and Katherine Griem

Evaluation of Demographic Factors That Influence Acute Radiation Response — Daniela Stricklin and Kyle Millage


The Fukushima Radiation Accident: Consequences for Radiation Accident Medical Management — Viktor Meineke and Harald Dörr


Quality Assurance in Military Medical Research and Medical Radiation Accident Management — Mark E. Hotz and Viktor Meineke


Linear Dimensions and Volumes of Human Lungs — David P. Hickman

Response to D.P. Hickman — Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, Brock Bearrs, Aimée Lauzon, and Lysanne Normandeau


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