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July 2012, Volume 103, Number 1

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On the cover: One of many lakes in the vicinity of the Mayak Complex, some of which were contaminated due to the 1957 accident. The problem of contamination of the lakes with long-lived radionuclides was discussed at the conference "Chronic Radiation Exposure: Small-Dose Effects," held in Chelyabinsk, the Russian Federation, October 2010. Photo courtesy of Galina Akleyeva.




Chronic Radiation Exposure: Small-Dose Effects — Alexander Akleyev and Mikhail Kisselyov

Ischemic Heart Disease in Nuclear Workers First Employed at the Mayak PA in 1948–1972 — Tamara V. Azizova, Colin R. Muirhead, Maria B. Moseeva, Evgenia S. Grigoryeva, Elena V. Vlasenko, Nezahat Hunter, Richard G.E. Haylock, and Jacqueline A. O'Hagan

The Risk of Acute Myocardial Infarction and Arterial Hypertension in a Cohort of Male Employees of a Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises Exposed to Long-Term Irradiation — Andrey B. Karpov, Yulia V. Semenova, Ravil M. Takhauov, Tatyana M. Litvinenko, and Dmitry E. Kalinkin

Thyroid Cancer Incidence Due to Technogenic Exposure in Childhood — Nina Alexandrovna Koshurnikova, Larissa Y. Kaigorodova, Evgenya I. Rabinovich, Irina I. Martinenko, Pavel A. Okatenko, Victor V. Khokhryakov, Elena P. Mosharova, Juri Mokrov, Evgeny Fomin, Valery S. Alekseyev, Nikolay T. Panteleyev, Lubov A. Sannikova, and Tatyana V. Ryzhykh

Quantitative Assessment of Regulatory Proteins in Blood as Markers of Radiation Effects in the Late Period After Occupational Exposure — Evgenia N. Kirillova, Maria L. Zakharova, Klara N. Muksinova, Elena D. Drugova, Olga S. Pavlova, and Svetlana N. Sokolova

Correlations Between DNA Polymorphism and Frequencies of Gamma-Radiation Induced and Spontaneous Cytogenetic Damage — Lyubov Salnikova, Anastasia Chumachenko, Olesya Belopolskaya, and Alexander Rubanovich

Main Dependencies in Reduction of Radiation Exposure to the Population of the Southern Urals — Vladimir A. Kostyuchenko, Liudmila M. Peremyslova, Irina Y. Popova, Nina N. Kazachyonok, and Viktor S. Melnikov

Characteristics of Phytoplankton in Lake Karachay, a Storage Reservoir of Medium-Level Radioactive Waste — Natalia I. Atamanyuk, Denis I. Osipov, Galina A. Tryapitsina, Larisa V. Deryabina, Pavel M. Stukalov, Ivan A. Ivanov, and Evgeny A. Pryakhin


Adaptive Response of Blood Lymphocytes as a Marker of Hemopoiesis Status in Exposed Persons — Alexander Akleyev, Alina Aleshchenko, Olga Kudryashova, Lidiya Semyonova, Alexander Serebryany, Oksana Khudyakova, and Irina Pelevina

Qualitative Assessment of Sources and General Dependencies in the Behavior of Anthropogenic Radionuclides in the Techa River — Viktor S. Melnikov, Irina Y. Popova, Kirill G. Konovalov, and Vladimir A. Kostyuchenko

Research into the Factors Affecting the Uptake of 90Sr and 137Cs by Plants from Radioactively Contaminated Soils of the Southern Urals — Nina N. Kazachonok, Vladimir A. Kostyuchenko, Irina Y. Popova, and Galina V. Polyanchikova

Apoptosis of Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes and Mutations in the Gene of the T-Cell Receptor in Survivors of Chronic Radiation Exposure — Evgenia A. Blinova, Galina A. Veremeyeva, and Alexander V. Akleyev

Status of Ecosystems in Radioactive Waste Reservoirs of the Mayak Production Association in 2009 — Evgeny A. Pryakhin, Galina A. Tryapitsina, Larisa V. Deryabina, Natalia I. Atamanyuk, Pavel M. Stukalov, Ivan A. Ivanov, Vladimir A. Kostyuchenko, and Alexander V. Akleyev



Utility of Digital Radiography for the Screening of Pneumoconiosis as Compared to Analog Radiography: Radiation Dose, Image Quality, and Pneumoconiosis Classification — Won-Jeong Lee and Byung-Soon Choi

Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Bioassay Data from Long-Term Follow-Up of Two Refractory PuO2 Inhalation Cases — Maia Avtandilashvili, Richard Brey, and Anthony C. James

Occupational Radiation Doses to Operators Performing Fluoroscopically-Guided Procedures — Kwang Pyo Kim, Donald L. Miller, Amy Berrington de Gonzalez, Stephen Balter, Ruth A. Kleinerman, Evgenia Ostroumova, Steven L. Simon, and Martha S. Linet


Submerged RadBall® Deployments in Hanford Site Hot Cells Containing 137CsCl Capsules — Eduardo B. Farfán, J. Rusty Coleman, Steven Stanley, John Adamovics, Mark Oldham, and Andrew Thomas


Powering the Future: How We Will (Eventually) Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow — Mark L. Miller

Radioactivity: A History of a Mysterious Science — Mark L. Maiello

Proton Therapy Physics — Xin Qian

Applications of Statistics to Medicine and Medical Physics — Stewart Carlyle Bushong


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