Health Physics Society Journal

Health Physics
Journal, Vol. 79, No. 1, July 2000
On the cover: Resident of Muslyumovo Village crosses bridge over the Techa River into his community, one of the areas most highly exposed to radioactive contamination from the Russian Federation's MAYAK Production Association. Photograph courtesy of Ken Niles, Oregon Office of Energy.

Contents of Volume 79, No. 1, July 2000


History or Just Déjà Vu? — Bruce Busby


A Note on this Special Issue — Ronald L. Kathren


The U. S.-Russian Radiation Health Effects Research Program in the Southern Urals — Paul J. Seligman


The Basic Directions and Results of Activities of Branch No. 1 of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation "Biophysics Institute" (FIB-1) — Eduard R. Lubchanskiy and Sergey A. Romanov

Radiological Medical Data Preservation in the Southern Urals — Eleanor Melamed


Reconstruction of Radionuclide Contamination of the Techa River Caused by Liquid Waste Discharge from Radiochemical Production at the Mayak Production Association — Yuri Mokrov, Yuri Glagolenko, and Bruce Napier

The Techa River Dosimetry System: Methods for the Reconstruction of Internal Dose — Marina O. Degteva, Vyacheslav P. Kozheurov, Evgeniya I. Tolstykh, Marina I. Vorobiova, Lynn R. Anspaugh, Bruce A. Napier, and Alexander N. Kovtun

Radioecological Impacts of the Techa River Contamination — A. V. Akleyev, V. A. Kostyuchenko, L. M. Peremyslova, V. A. Baturin, and I. Ya. Popova

Deterministic Effects from Occupational Radiation Exposures in a Cohort of Mayak PA Workers: Data Base Description — H. G. Claycamp, N. D. Okladnikova, T. V. Azizova, Z. D. Belyaeva, B. B. Boecker, V. S. Pesternikova, B. R. Scott, S. Shekhter-Levin, M. V. Sumina, N. B. Sussman, I. I. Teplyakov, and N. Wald

Stochastic Effects of Environmental Radiation Exposure in Populations Living Near the Mayak Industrial Association: Preliminary Report on Study of Cancer Morbidity — Mira M. Kossenko, Daniel A. Hoffman, and Terry L. Thomas

Metabolism and Dosimetry of Actinide Elements in Occupationally-Exposed Personnel of Russia and the United States: A Summary Progress Report — Valentin F. Khokhryakov, Klara G. Suslova, Ronald E. Filipy, J. Richard Alldredge, Elena E. Aladova, Samuel E. Glover, and Vadim V. Vostrotin

Development of an Improved Dosimetry System for the Workers at the Mayak Production Association — Valentin Khokhryakov, Klara Suslova, Elena Aladova, Evgenii Vasilenko, Scott C. Miller, David M. Slaughter, and Melinda P. Krahenbuhl


The Promise of Molecular Epidemiology in Defining the Association Between Radiation and Cancer — Ruth Neta


NOAA Space Weather Alerts — Robert J. Barish

Response to Barish — Gary Heckman


Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants and Research Reactors Decommissioning of Medical, Industrial and Research Facilities — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan


In Memoriam—Myron F. Fair, 1920 - 1998 — Citation by Allen Brodsky

In Memoriam—Harald H. Rossi, 1917 - 2000 — Citation by Warren K. Sinclair

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