Health Physics Society Journal

June 2012, Volume 102, Number 6

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On the cover: The illustration is from the Redefining Readiness Card Set, What Makes Protection Possible? (designed by Troy Chasey, Capitola Design). See the article by Mark L. Maiello on page 696 for more information.



Dosimetric Response of a REM-500 in Low Energy Neutron Fields Typical of Nuclear Power Plants — Aslam, W. Matysiak, J. Atanackovic, and A.J. Waker

Is Knowledge Important? Empirical Research on Nuclear Risk Communication in Two Countries — Tanja Perko, Nadja Železnik, Catrinel Turcanu, and Peter Thijssen

Voxel Phantoms: The New ICRP Computational Phantoms: How Do They Compare? — Kevin Capello, Stephanie Kedzior, and Gary H. Kramer

Optimizing a Readout Protocol for Low Dose Retrospective OSL-Dosimetry Using Household Salt — Maria Christiansson, Sőren Mattsson, Christian Bernhardsson, and Christopher L. Rääf

CUSUM Analyses of Time-Interval Data for Online Radiation Monitoring — Peng Luo, Timothy A. DeVol, and Julia L. Sharp

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Radiogenic Risk Models and Projections for the U.S. Population — David J. Pawel and Jerome S. Puskin

Application of MCNP5 Software for Efficiency Calculation of a Whole Body Counter — Dragana Krstic, Olivera Cuknic, and Dragoslav Nikezic

A New Wiping Device for Detecting Removable Contamination — Etsuko Furuta, Yasuo Watanabe, and Shigeaki Yokota

French Population Exposure to Ionizing Radiation from Diagnostic Medical Procedures in 2007 — Cécile Etard, Sandra Sinno-Tellier, Pascal Empereur-Bissonnet, and Bernard Aubert

Early Radiation Survey of Iitate Village, Which Was Heavily Contaminated by the Fukushima Daiichi Accident, Conducted on 28 and 29 March 2011 — Tetsuji Imanaka, Satoru Endo, Masuro Sugai, Shoji Ozawa, Kiyoshi Shizuma, and Masayoshi Yamamoto

An Analytic Approach to Calculating the Dose to Animals Due to External Exposure — Alexander Brandl


Pre-Catastrophe Public Involvement to Improve the Capability to Shelter in Place — Mark L. Maiello


Exogenous Contamination of Uranium in Human Scalp Hair — Maarit Muikku and Tarja Heikkinen


The Radiobiogical Effects on Scots Pine Trees (Pinus Sylvestris) in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone — Arrigo A. Cigna

Response Arrigo Cigna — Vasyl Yoschenko, Timothy Jannik, and Eduardo B. Farfán


The God Species: Saving the Planet in the Age of Humans — Mark L. Miller


Fifty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society: 26-30 June 2011, Palm Beach, Florida: Abstracts of Papers Presented at the Meeting: Erratum

Estimation of High-Level, Rapidly-Changing Concentrations Using Moving-Filter Continuous Particulate Air Monitors: Erratum

Long Term Measurements of Indoor Radon Equilibrium Factor: Erratum


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