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May 2012, Volume 102, Number 5

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On the cover: The collage highlights the Operation Tomodachi logo, which symbolized the U.S. response efforts in Japan; a contour map, which symbolized the U.S.-Japanese partnership conducting aerial radiological surveys; and an in situ gamma spectroscopy measurement amidst the cherry blossoms. (The photo of the cherry blossoms is courtesy of Thomas Gorman of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.)



Editor's Note on Fukushima — Michael T. Ryan


Introduction to the Special Issue on the U.S. Response to the Fukushima Accident — Daniel J. Blumenthal

Adapting the U.S. Domestic Radiological Emergency Response Process to an Overseas Incident: FRMAC Without the F — Daniel J. Blumenthal, David R. Bowman, and Alan Remick


Measurements and Modeling

DoD's Medical Radiobiology Advisory Team: Experts on the Ground — Jama VanHorne-Sealy, Brian Livingston, and Lee Alleman

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling: Challenges of the Fukushima Daiichi Response — Gayle Sugiyama, John Nasstrom, Brenda Pobanz, Kevin Foster, Matthew Simpson, Phil Vogt, Fernando Aluzzi, and Steve Homann

Aerial Measuring System in Japan — Craig Lyons and David Colton

Environmental Measurements in an Emergency: This Is not a Drill — Stephen V. Musolino, Harvey Clark, Thomas McCullough, and Wendy Pembertona

Challenges in Determining the Isotopic Mixture for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident — Arthur Shanks, Sean Fournier, and Sonoya Shanks

Impact of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident on Background Radiation Doses Measured by Control Dosimeters in Japan — Alexander Romanyukha, David L. King, and Lisa K. Kennemur


Emergency Response Health Physics — RaJah Mena, Wendy Pemberton, and William Beal

The Role of the Consequence Management Home Team in the Fukushima Daiichi Response — Wendy Pemberton, RaJah Mena, and William Beal

U.S. DOE's Response to the Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Accident: Answers and Data Products for Decision Makers — Alexis L. Reed

U.S. EPA Response to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident — Edward A. Tupin, Michael A. Boyd, Jennifer E. Mosser, and Jessica S. Wieder

Response of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Protecting Civilian Americans in Japan during the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis — Steven L. Simon, C. Norman Coleman, Michael A. Noska, and Thomas Bowman


Fukushima Disaster Response—the States' Perspective — Adela Salame-Alfie, Patrick Mulligan, Frieda Fisher-Tyler, Ruth McBurney, and Earl Fordham


The Fukushima Radiological Emergency and Challenges Identified for Future Public Health Responses — Charles W. Miller


Comment on Hoffman et al. — Alan Fellman

Reply to Fellman — F. Owen Hoffman, David C. Kocher, and A. Iulian Apostoaei


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