Health Physics Society Journal

March 2012, Volume 102, Number 3

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On the cover: Adult male hybrid phantom. See paper by Wesley Bolch and colleagues on page 305 for more information.



238Pu: Accumulation, Tissue Distribution, and Excretion in Mayak Workers after Exposure to Plutonium Aerosols — Klara G. Suslova, Alexandra B. Sokolova, Viktor V. Khokhryakov, and Scott C. Miller

238Pu: A Review of the Biokinetics, Dosimetry, and Implications for Human Exposures — Klara G. Suslova, Valentin F. Khokhryakov, Alexandra B. Sokolova, and Scott C. Miller

Exposure of the Swiss Population by Medical X-Rays: 2008 Review — Eleni Theano Samara, Abbas Aroua, Francois O. Bochud, Barbara Ott, Thomas Theiler, Reto Treier, Philipp R. Trueb, John-Paul Vader, and Francis R. Verdun

Exposure Rate Constants and Lead Shielding Values for Over 1,100 Radionuclides — David S. Smith and Michael G. Stabin

Hybrid Computational Phantoms Representing the Reference Adult Male and Adult Female: Construction and Applications for Retrospective Dosimetry — Jorge L. Hurtado, Choonsik Lee, Daniel Lodwick, Timothy Goede, Jonathan L. Williams, and Wesley E. Bolch

Guidance on the Use of Handheld Survey Meters for Radiological Triage: Time-Dependent Detector Count Rates Corresponding to 50, 250, and 500 mSv Effective Dose for Adult Males and Adult Females — Wesley E. Bolch, Jorge L. Hurtado, Choonsik Lee, Ryan Manger, Eric Burgett, Nolan Hertel, and William Dickerson

Estimated Lag Time in Global Carbon Emissions and CO2 Concentrations Produced by Commercial Nuclear Power Through 2009 with Projections through 2030 — Neil M. Coleman, Lee R. Abramson, and Fiona A.B. Coleman

Annual Committed Effective Dose from Olive Oil (Due to 238U, 232Th, and 222Rn) Estimated for Members of the Moroccan Public from Ingestion and Skin Application — M.A. Misdaq and R. Touti


Further Comments on the Induction of Lung Tumors by Plutonium Dioxide in Beagles — J.A. Simmons and S.R. Richards


The Stochastic Nature of All Radiation Effects — A. Brodsky

Response to Brodsky — Otto G. Raabe

Is There Really Any Risk from Radon? — David J. Pawel and Jerome S. Puskin

Response to Pawel and Puskin — Krzysztof W. Fornalski and Ludwik Dobrzyńcski

Natural vs. Artificial Anthropometric Phantoms for Measuring Bone-Seeking Radionuclides — Henry Spitz, Samuel Glover, and David Hickman

Reply to Spitz et al. — Gary H. Kramer, María Antonia López, David Broggio, Sergei Tolmachev, Werner Rühm


Basic Radiation Protection Technology, Sixth Edition — Craig M. Marianno


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