Health Physics Society Journal

February 2012, Volume 102, Number 2

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On the cover: A human male karyotype displaying chromosomal damage due to ionizing radiation using spectral karyotyping (SKY) imaging. See paper by F.N. Flegal and colleagues on page 143 for more information.



Analyzing Spatial and Temporal 222Rn Trends in Maine — Christopher Farah, Kate Beard, C.T. Hess, and Janet M. Hock

Biokinetics of Embedded Surrogate Radiological Dispersal Device Material — Christy A. Emond and John F. Kalinich

Dental Staff Doses with Handheld Dental Intraoral X-Ray Units — Joel E. Gray, Edgar D. Bailey, and John B. Ludlow

Validation of QuickScan Dicentric Chromosome Analysis for High Throughput Radiation Biological Dosimetry — F.N. Flegal, Y. Devantier, L. Marro, and R.C. Wilkins

Isotope Ratios of 235U/238U and 137Cs/235U in Black Rain Streaks on Plaster Wall Caused by Fallout of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb — Kiyoshi Shizuma, Satoru Endo, and Yoko Fujikawa

Assessment of RF Exposures from Emerging Wireless Communication Technologies in Different Environments — Wout Joseph, Leen Verloock, Francis Goeminne, Günter Vermeeren, and Luc Martens

Cancer and Non-Cancer Mortality among Inhabitants in the High Background Radiation Area of Yangjiang, China (1979–1998) — Zufan Tao, Suminori Akiba, Yongru Zha, Quanfu Sun, Jianming Zou, Jia Li, Yusheng Liu, Yongling Yuan, Shinji Tokonami, Hisashige Morishoma, Taeko Koga, Seiichi Nakamura, Tsutomu Sugahara, and Luxin Wei

Direct and Indirect Tasks on Assessment of Dose and Time Distributions and Thresholds of Acute Radiation Exposure — S.V. Osovets, T.V. Azizova, R.D. Day, N. Wald, and M.B. Moseeva

Locating Radiation Hazards and Sources within Contaminated Areas by Implementing a Reverse Ray Tracing Technique in the RadBall™ Technology — Eduardo B. Farfán, Steven Stanley, Christopher Holmes, Kathryn Lennox, Mark Oldham, Corey Clift, Andrew Thomas, and John Adamovics

Averted Doses to Norwegian Sámi Reindeer Herders after the Chernobyl Accident — Lavrans Skuterud and Håvard Thørring


Radiation Dose to the Fetus from [18F]-FDG Administration during the Second Trimester of Pregnancy — Paolo Zanotti-Fregonara, Thomas M. Koroscil, Joseph Mantil, and Martin Satter

The European Radiobiological Archives: Online Access to Data from Radiobiological Experiments Is Available Now — M. Birschwilks, P.N. Schofield, and B. Grosche


Voxel2MCNP: Software for Handling Voxel Models for Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Calculations — Lars Hegenbart, Stefan Pölz, Andreas Benzler, and Manfred Urban


Fuel Cycle to Nowhere: U.S. Law and Policy on Nuclear Waste — Neil Coleman

Environmental Health (Revised Edition) — Michael T. Ryan


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