Health Physics Society Journal

January 2012, Volume 102, Number 1

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On the cover: 137Cs source and irradiator seen from a lateral perspective. See paper by Petrie and colleagues on page 71 for more information.



New Copyright and Disclosure Form — Michael T. Ryan, Editor in Chief


Angular Absorbed Dose Dependence of Internal Radiation-Generating Devices in Radiotherapy — J.J. Bevelacqua

Count Rate Limitations for Pulse-Counting Instrumentation in Pulsed Accelerator Fields — Alan L. Justus

Reevaluation of Waterborne Releases of Radioactive Materials from the Mayak Production Association into the Techa River in 1949–1951 — M.O. Degteva, N.B. Shagina, M.I. Vorobiova, L.R. Anspaugh, and B.A. Napier

Identification of Proteins Secreted into the Medium by Human Lymphocytes Irradiated In Vitro with or without Adaptive Environments — Kanokporn Noy Rithidech, Xianyin Lai, Louise Honikel, Paiboon Reungpatthanaphong, and Frank A. Witzmann

The Use of FDTD in Establishing In Vitro Experimentation Conditions Representative of Lifelike Cell Phone Radiation on the Spermatozoa — Rand Mouradi, Nisarg Desai, Ahmet Erdemir, and Ashok Agarwal

Uranium and Trace Elements in Phosphate Fertilizers—Saudi Arabia — Ashraf E.M. Khater

Evaluation of Scattered Radiation in a Calibration Range Using Exposure Rate Energy Spectra — Christian M. Petrie, Thomas E. Blue, and Kevin Herminghuysen


ICNIRP Statement—Health Issues Associated with Millimeter Wave Whole Body Imaging Technology — International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection


Revised Requirements for Radiation Emergency Bioassay Techniques for the Public and First Responders — Chunsheng Li and Gary H. Kramer

Investigation of 238U Content in Bottled Water Consumed in Kuwait and Estimates of Annual Effective Doses — Tareq Alrefae


Radar Commentary: Use of Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis in Radiation Protection Regulation in the United States — Jeffry A. Siegel and Michael G. Stabin


NCRP Report No. 166, Population Monitoring and Radionuclide Decorporation Following a Radiological or Nuclear Incident — Kenneth L. Miller

NCRP Report 167: Potential Impact of Individual Genetic Susceptibility and Previous Radiation Exposure on Radiation Risk for Astronauts — Kenneth L. Mossman


Health Physics Society Honor Roll—Thomas M. Gerusky: Erratum


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