Health Physics Society Journal

September 2011, Volume 101, Number 3

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The pediatric cardiac catheterization laboratory, Hemodynamic Department, Cardiovascular Service, Luis Calvo Mackenna Hospital, Santiago, Chile. See paper by Vano and colleagues on page 233 for more information. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Patricia Miranda)



FDA-Sunlamp Recommended Maximum Timer Interval and Exposure Schedule: Consensus ISO/CIE Dose Equivalence — John C. Dowdy, Eugene A. Czako, Michael E. Stepp, Steven C. Schlitt, Gregory R. Bender, Lateef U. Khan, Kenneth D. Shinneman, Manuel G. Karos, James G. Shepherd, and Robert M. Sayre

Radiation Protection in Pediatric Interventional Cardiology: An IAEA Pilot Program in Latin America — Eliseo Vano, Carlos Ubeda, Patricia Miranda, Fernando Leyton, Ariel Durán, and Alejandro Nader

The U.S. Government's Medical Countermeasure Portfolio Management for Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies: Synergy from Interagency Cooperation — Marcy B. Grace, Kenneth D. Cliffer, Brian R. Moyer, C. Norman Coleman, Joanna M. Prasher, Richard Hatchett, John Mercier, Ronald G.Manning, Judith I. Bader, Gary I. Disbrow, and Gerald R.Kovacs

Comparison of Two Leg Phantoms Containing 241Am in Bone — Gary H. Kramer, Barry Hauck, Kevin Capello, Werner Rühm, Nabil El-Faramawy, David Broggio, Didier Franck, Maria Antonia Lopez, Teresa Navarro, Juan Francisco Navarro, Begoña Perez, and Sergei Tolmachev

Irradiation Effect on Osteoclastogenesis Stimulated by Breast Cancer Cells — Masahiko Sawajiri, Yuji Nomura, Samir Banik, Ryo Nishikiori, Yoshiko Sonoda, and Keiji Tanimoto

Pooled Bayesian Analysis of Twenty-Eight Studies on Radon-Induced Lung Cancer — Krzysztof Wojciech Fornalski and Ludwik Dobrzyński

Drinking Water Standard for Tritium — What’s the Risk? — D.C. Kocher and F.O. Hoffman

A New Methodology for Estimating Nuclear Casualties as a Function of Time — Robert A. Zirkle, Terri J. Walsh, Deena S. Disraelly, and Carl A. Curling

Characterization of a Commercially Available, Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimetry System for Use in Computed Tomography — Lindsey Lavoie, Monica Ghita, Libby Brateman, and Manuel Arreola


Assessment of 90Sr and 137Cs Penetration into Reinforced Concrete (Extent of "Deepening") Under Natural Atmospheric Conditions — Eduardo B. Farfán, Sergey P. Gaschak, Andrey M. Maksymenko, Elizabeth H. Donnelly, Mikhail D. Bondarkov, G. Tim Jannik, and James C. Marra


NCRP Report No. 163, Radiation Dose Reconstruction: Principles and Practices — André Bouville

Prescription for the Planet: The Painless Remedy for Our Energy & Environmental Crisis — Mark L. Miller

Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear — Geoffrey G. Eichholz


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