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Health Physics Journal,
Vol. 78, No. 6, June 2000
On the cover: A vertical atmospheric dust collector is being set up near an above-ground tailings facility to measure radioactivity near the site. See articles by P. A. Thomas beginning on page 614 for more information.

Contents of Volume 78, No. 6, June 2000


What's New in International Health Physics — Bruce Busby


Analyzing Bioassay Data Using Bayesian Methods—A Primer — Guthrie Miller, William C. Inkret, Mario E. Schillaci, Harry F. Martz, and Tom T. Little


Radionuclides in the Terrestrial Ecosystem Near a Canadian Uranium Mill—Part I: Distribution and Doses — P. A. Thomas

Radionuclides in the Terrestrial Ecosystem Near a Canadian Uranium Mill—Part II: Small Mammal Food Chains and Bioavailability — P. A. Thomas

Radionuclides in the Terrestrial Ecosystem Near a Canadian Uranium Mill—Part III: Atmospheric Deposition Rates (Pilot Test) — P. A. Thomas

Radon Awareness, Testing, and Remediation Survey Among New York State Residents — Ying Wang, Carole Ju, Alice D. Stark, and Nicholas Teresi

A Generalized Algorithm for Determining the Time of Release and the Duration of Post-Release Radiation Precautions Following Radionuclide Therapy — Pat B. Zanzonico, Jeffry A. Siegel, and Jean St. Germain

Effects of Time of Administration and Dietary Iodine Levels on Potassium Iodide (KI) Blockade of Thyroid Irradiation by 131I from Radioactive Fallout — Pat B. Zanzonico and David V. Becker

Orally Administered Ethane-1-Hydroxy-1,1-Biphosphonate Reduces the Lethal Effect of Oral Uranium Poisoning — A. B. Martínez, R. L. Cabrini, and A. M. Ubios

Dose to the Cell Nucleus from Exposure to Tritiated Pump Oil or Formaldehyde — Richard B. Richardson, Jacques Dubeau, and Akhilesh Trivedi

Deflection of Cosmic Radiation Near Power Lines—A Theoretical Approach — A. Skedsmo and A. I. Vistnes

Fracture Occurrence from Radionuclides in the Skeleton — Ray D. Lloyd, Glenn N. Taylor, and Scott C. Miller

Environmental Distribution and Behavior of 3H and 14C Around Wolsong Nuclear Power Plants — Chang-Kyu Kim, Sang-Kuk Lee, Byung-Hwan Rho, and Yeon Gyu Lee

External Exposure to Radionuclides Accumulated in Shoreline Sediments with an Application to the Lower Clinch River — A. Iulian Apostoaei, Shyam K. Nair, Brian A. Thomas, Cathy J. Lewis, F. Owen Hoffman, and Kathleen M. Thiessen

Determination of Optimum Time Interval of Meterological Data Used with Atmospheric Dose Modeling at SRS — Ali A. Simpkins, Matthew J. Parker, and Allen H. Weber


A Comparison Between Default EGS4 and EGS4 with Bound Compton Cross Sections when Scattering Occurs in Bone and Fat — C. M. Marianno, K. A. Higley, and T. S. Palmer


Implementation of the MARSSIM Philosophy to Evaluate the Remedial Status of a Radioactive Waste Disposal Site at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory — A. Schilk, J. Kirkpatrick, R. Dunker, and T. Geselll

The Assessment of the Effect of Thyroid Size and Shape on the Activity Estimate Using Monte Carlo Simulation — Gary H. Kramer and Paul Crowley

The Uncertainty in the Activity Estimate from a Lung Count Due to the Variability in Chest Wall Thickness Profile — Gary H. Kramer, Paul Crowley and Linda C. Burns


ICNIRP Statement on Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Laser Diodes: Implications for Hazard Assessment — International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection


TP53 as a Biomarker of Cytogenetic Damage — A. Hendrikse, A. Hunter, and G. Blekkenhorst


Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Safety of Radiation Sources and Security of Radioactive Materials, Proceedings Series — Reviewed by Lawrence E. Boing

Topical Issues in Nuclear, Radiation and Radioactive Waste Safety — Reviewed by Lawrence E. Boing

Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering — Reviewed by Daniel J. Staton 755

Critical Masses: Citizens, Nuclear Weapons Production, and Environmental Destruction in the United States and Russia — Reviewed by Matthew P. Moeller


In Memoriam—William C. Roesch, 1923-1999 — Citation by Joseph C. McDonald


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