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June 2011, Volume 100, Number 6

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On the cover: Map of the Ukraine. See Fig. 1 in the paper by Likhtarov et al. on p. 583 for more information.   LWW image



Radon Emanation in Saskatchewan Soils — Patricia A. Thomas, Darwin W. Anderson, Weihua Zhang, Anar S. Baweja, and Bliss L. Tracy

Assessment of the Chest Wall Thickness of the Lawrence Livermore Torso Phantom Using a Voxel Image — ASM Sabbir Ahmed, Kevin Capello, and Gary H. Kramer

Estimation of the Thyroid Doses for Ukrainian Children Exposed in Utero after the Chernobyl Accident — I. Likhtarov, L. Kovgan, M. Chepurny, O. Ivanova, Z. Boyko, G. Ratia, S. Masiuk, V. Gerasymenko, V. Drozdovitch, V. Berkovski, M. Hatch, A. Brenner, N. Luckyanov, P. Voillequé, and A. Bouville

Assessment of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Wireless Computer Networks (Wi-Fi) in Schools; Results of Laboratory Measurements — A. Peyman, M. Khalid, C. Calderon, D. Addison, T. Mee, M. Maslanyj, and S. Mann

Past and Future Work on Radiobiology Mega-Studies: A Case Study at Argonne National Laboratory — Benjamin Haley, Qiong Wang, Beau Wanzer, Stefan Vogt, Lydia Finney, Ping Liu Yang, Tatjana Paunesku, and Gayle Woloschak

Fuzzy Risk Analysis of a Modern γ-ray Industrial Irradiator — F. Castiglia and M. Giardina

EEG Changes as Heat Stress Reactions in Rats Irradiated by High Intensity 35 GHz millimeter Waves — Taorong Xie, Jian Pei, Yibin Cui, Jie Zhang, Hongxing Qi, Shude Chen, and Dengjiang Qiao

Physiologic and Dosimetric Considerations for Limiting Electric Fields Induced in the Body by Movement in a Static Magnetic Field — Kari Jokela and Richard D. Saunders

Measurement of Entrance Skin Dose and Estimation of Organ Dose during Pediatric Chest Radiography — M. Kumaresan, Rajesh Kumar, K. Biju, Ajay Choubey, and S. Kantharia


NCRP Report No. 162, Self Assessment of Radiation-Safety Programs: Recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement — Elisa Grassi, Roberto Sghedoni, Vando Piccagli, Federica Fioroni, Giovanni Borasi, and Mauro Iori

Radiation Threats and Your Safety—A Guide to Preparation and Response for Professionals and Community — George J. Vargo


The Standard Model of Particle Physics in the Health Physics Framework — A. Brandl

Response to Brandl — J. J. Bevelacqua


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