Health Physics Society Journal

May 2011, Volume 100, Number 5

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Cesium Chloride: Dispersibility or Security? — Stephen V. Musolino, D. Thomas Coulter, and Hailu Tedla


Development of New Two-dosimeter Algorithm for Effective Dose in ICRP Publication 103 — Chan Hyeong Kim, Sungkoo Cho, Jong Hwi Jeong, Wesley E. Bolch, Warren D. Reece, and John W. Poston, Sr.

Effective Half-lives of 134Cs and 137Cs in Reindeer Meat and in Reindeer Herders in Finland after the Chernobyl Accident and the Ensuing Effective Radiation Doses to Humans — Ari-Pekka Leppänen, Maarit Muikku, Timo Jaakkola, Jukka Lehto, Tua Rahola, Kristina Rissanen, and Michael Tillander

A Two-step Concept to Derive a Consistent Set of Intervention Levels for Radiation Emergency Planning and to Translate International Recommendations into Practical Guidance — Erich Wirth, Adriana C. Baciu, Brigitte Gerich, Monika Blaettler, Uwe Buettner, José M. Calvarro, Peter Hofer, Eldri Naadland Holo, Johannes Kuhlen, Kornelia Molnar, Marina Nizamska, Martin Sogalla, István Turai, and Christian Vandecasteele

Estimation of the Number of CT Procedures Based on a Nationwide Survey in Japan — K. Ono, T. Yoshitake, T. Hasegawa, N. Ban, and M. Kai

Electromagnetic Compatibility of WLAN Adapters with Life-supporting Medical Devices — G. Calcagnini, E. Mattei, F. Censi, M. Triventi, R. Lo Sterzo, E Marchetta, and P. Bartolini

The Influence of Bone-density on In Vivo K X-ray Fluorescence Bone-Lead Measurements — Camille J. Lodwick, Jeffrey C. Lodwick, and Henry B. Spitz

Dose Coefficients for Intakes of Radionuclides via Contaminated Wounds — R. E. Toohey, L. Bertelli, S. L. Sugarman, A. L. Wiley, and D. M. Christensen


Comparison of Two Different Types of LIF:Mg,Cu,P Thermoluminescent Dosimeters for Detection of Beta Rays (Beta-TLDs) from 90Sr/90Y, 85Kr and 147Pm Sources — Elisa Grassi, Roberto Sghedoni, Vando Piccagli, Federica Fioroni, Giovanni Borasi, and Mauro Iori

Investigation of Staff Finger Doses during Quality Control of FDG Production — Dorota Ferguson, Sonia McGrath, Gary O'Hara, and Christopher Marshall


Patient Safety and Electromagnetic Protection: A Review — Noemí Carranza, Víctor Febles, José A. Hernández, José L. Bardasano, José L. Monteagudo, José C. Fernández de Aldecoa, and Victoria Ramos


Modification of Shirt Buttons for Retrospective Radiation Dosimetry after a Radiological Event — Stephen A. Marino, Gary W. Johnson, Peter B. Schiff, and David J. Brenner


Occupational Doses of Ionizing Radiation and Leukemia Mortality — Florian Dufey, Linda Walsh, Annemarie Tschense, and Michaela Kreuzer

Response to Dufey and Colleagues — Matthias Mohner and Johannes Gellissen


IAEA Human Health Series No. 4, Comprehensive Clinical Audits of Diagnostic Radiology Practices: A Tool for Quality Improvement — Xin Qian


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