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February 2011, Volume 100, Number 2

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Influence of the Porosity on the 222Rn Exhalation Rate of Concrete — Peter de Jong, Willem van Dijk, and Mario de Rooij

Application of an Equilibrium-Based Model for Diffusion Barrier Charcoal Canisters in a Small Volume Non-Steady State Radon Chamber — A.L. Lehnert, K.H. Thompson, and K.J. Kearfott

Parallels of Radiation and Financial Risk Management: Impacts on Public Acceptance — Mark Hogue

Rapid Screening and Analysis of Alpha- and Gamma-Emitting Radionuclides in Liquids Using a Single Sample Preparation Procedure — Bahman Parsa, James B. Henitz, and Jennifer A. Carter

Natural Radionuclides in Seafood from the Central Adriatic Sea (Italy) — D. Desideri, M.A. Meli, and C. Roselli

Method of Estimating Lifetime Cancer Risk Due to Chronic Radionuclide Intake — W.R. Kaye, Z.S. Beauvais, and K.J. Kearfott

Assessment of Risks and Dose Thresholds for Some Effects of Acute Exposure — Sergey V. Osovets, Tamara V. Azizova, Richard D. Day, Niel Wald, and Maria B. Druzhinina

Comparison of Point, Line and Volume Dose Calculations for Exposure to Nuclear Medicine Therapy Patients — Albérico B. de Carvalho, Jr., Michael G. Stabin, Jeffry A. Siegel, and John Hunt

Prompt Retrospective Air Sample Analysis—A Comparison of Gross-Alpha, Beta-to-Alpha Ratio, and Alpha Spectroscopy Techniques — Alan L. Justus


Determination of 239Pu Airborne Concentration Alpha Correction Factor for a Zinc Sulfide Detector Via Ambient 222Rn Progeny Air Sampling — Alan C. Hale and Mark A. Tries


Review of Thresholds and Recommendations for Revised Exposure Limits for Laser and Optical Radiation for Thermally Induced Retinal Injury — Karl Schulmeister, Bruce E. Stuck, David J. Lund, and David H. Sliney


Assessment of Beta Particle Flux from Surface Contamination as a Relative Indicator for Radionuclide Distribution on External Surfaces of a Multistory Building in Pripyat — Eduardo B. Farfán, Sergii P. Gaschak, Andriy M. Maksymenko, G. Tim Jannik, James C. Marra, Mikhail D. Bondarkov, and Elizabeth H. Donnelly


1997 Thyroid Absorbed Dose Estimates for the Northern Marshall Islands — N. Anthony Greenhouse and Stephen Musolino

Response to Musolino and Greenhouse — Steven L. Simon, André Bouville, Harold L. Beck, and Shawki Ibrahim


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