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Health Physics Society Journal

December 2010, Volume 99, Number 6

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On the cover: See article "Error Analysis for the In-Vivo Measurement of Radionuclides in Wounds: Monte Carlo Study," by Ahmed et al., on page 759 for more information.   LWW image



2010 Founders Award—Bryce Rich — Citation by Don Stewart

2010 Distinguished Public Service Award—Peter B. Lyons — Citation by Steven L. Baggett

2010 Elda E. Anderson Award—Derek Jokisch — Citation by Phillip W. Patton

2010 Robley D. Evans Commemorative Medal—William J. Bair — Citation by Don Stewart

2010 H. Wade Patterson Memorial Award—Michael I. Hall — Citation by Linnea Wahl

2010 Lutz Moritz Memorial Award—Samuel L. Brady — Citation by Linnea Wahl

2010 Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award Memorialization—Ralph E. Lapp — Citation by Richard E. Toohey

2010 Geoffrey G. Eichholz Outstanding Science Teacher Award—Shannon Hudson — Citation by S. Elizabeth Kay

2010 Health Physics Society Fellow Members and Student Awards

2010 Health Physics Society Honor Roll—Lutz Moritz — Citation by Linnea Wahl

2010 Health Physics Society Honor Roll—James E. Watson Jr. — Citation by Daniel J. Strom and Paul Stansbury

2010 Arthur F. Humm, Jr., Award—DeeDee McNeil — Citation by the NRRPT Awards Committee

2010 William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award—Nancy P. Kirner — Citation by Nora Nicholson

2010 Joyce P. Davis Memorial Award—Frazier L. Bronson — Citation by Ruth McBurney


Checking the Foundation: Recent Radiobiology and the Linear No-Threshold Theory — Brant A. Ulsh

Standard Model of Particle Physics—A Health Physics Perspective — J.J. Bevelacqua


Error Analysis for the In-Vivo Measurement of Radionuclides in Wounds: Monte Carlo Study — ASM Sabbir Ahmed, Kevin Capello, Trevor Sabourin, and Gary H. Kramer

Mathematical Modeling of the Radiation Dose Received from Photons Passing Over and Through Shielding Walls in a PET/CT Suite — Lotte S. Fog and John Cormack

A Method of Determining Accuracy and Precision for Dosimeter Systems Using Accreditation Data — Frederick Cummings and John R. Flood

Predicting Induced Radioactivity for the Accelerator Operations at the Taiwan Photon Source — R.J. Sheu and S.H. Jiang

An Analytic Approach to Double Dosimetry Algorithms in Occupational Dosimetry Using Energy Dependent Organ Dose Conversion Coefficients — Heiner von Boetticher, Jörn Lachmund, and Wolfgang Hoffmann


Thermal Response of Tissues to Millimeter Waves: Implications for Setting Exposure Guidelines — Kenneth R. Foster, Harvey Zhang, and John M. Osepchuk

Proposed Revision to the Radiation Dosimetry of 82Rb — Michael G. Stabin


Radiance of France: Nuclear Power and National Identity after World War II — Reviewed by Allen Brodsky

Applied Physics for Radiation Oncology, Revised Edition — Reviewed by Camille Lodwick

The Day We Lost the H-Bomb—Cold War, Hot Nukes, and the Worst Nuclear Weapons Disaster in History — Reviewed by Edward Waller


ICNIRP Statement—Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric and Magnetic Fields (1 Hz to 100 KHz) — International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection


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