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18 April 2014

Health Physics Society Journal

November 2010, Volume 99, Number 5

Cover image
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On the cover: Radioactive contamination distribution for the ChNPP Cooling Pond bottom deposits. See article by B. Ya. Oskolkov et al. on page 639 for more information.   LWW image



Attributable Risk for Radiation in the Presence of Other Risk Factors —John Cologne, Harry Cullings, Kyoji Furukawa, and Phillip Ross

Standard Model of Particle Physics—A Health Physics Perspective — J.J. Bevelacqua


Investigation of the Practical Aspects of an Additional 0.1 mm Copper X-Ray Spectral Filter for Cine Acquisition Mode Imaging in a Clinical Care Setting — Kenneth A. Fetterly

Influence of Mobile Phone Traffic on Base Station Exposure of the General Public — Wout Joseph and Leen Verloock

Environmental Problems Associated with Decommissioning the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Pond — B. Ya. Oskolkov, M.D. Bondarkov, S.P. Gaschak, A.M. Maksymenko, V.M. Maksymenko, V.I. Martynenko, E.B. Farfán, G.T. Jannik, and J.C. Marran

Creation and Use of Adjustable 3D Phantoms: Application for the Lung Monitoring of Female Workers — Jad Farah, David Broggio, and Didier Franck

Determination of the Internal Exposure Hazard from Plutonium Work in an Open Front Hood — Cheryl Olson, Sheldon Landsberger, and Murray Moore

Comparative Biokinetics of Radiocarbon Ingested as Compounds or Foods in Rats — Hiroshi Takeda, Shoichi Fuma, Kei Yanagisawa, Nobuyoshi Ishii, Anca Melintescu, and Dan Galeriu

Chemical and Radioactive Carcinogens in Cigarettes: Associated Health Impacts and Responses of the Tobacco Industry, U.S. Congress, and Federal Regulatory Agencies — Dade W. Moeller and Lin-Shen C. Sun

Radiation Effects on Communication Performance of Radio Frequency Identification Tags — Kazuyuki Mori, Zhaowu Meng, Hirosumi Kikuchi, Yasuhide Kataoka, Kazuhisa Nakazato, Shizuhiko Deji, Shigeki Ito, Takuya Saze, Masahiro Hirota, and Kunihide Nishizawa

Image Quantification for Radiation Dose Calculations—Limitations and Uncertainties — J.M. Pereira, M.G. Stabin, F.R.A. Lima, M.I.C.C. Guimarães, and J.W. Forrester


Requirements for Radiation Emergency Urine Bioassay Techniques for the Public and First Responders — Chunsheng Li, Slavica Vlahovich, Xiongxin Dai, Richard B. Richardson, Joseph N. Daka, and Gary H. Kramer


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