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October 2010, Volume 99, Number 4

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On the cover: A histological image and neutron-induced autoradiograph of a section of cortical bone from a Mayak worker showing the deposition and distribution of 239Pu. See article by Lyovkina et al. on page 464 for more information.   LWW image

International Conference on Health Effects of Incorporated Radionuclides—Part 2: Monitoring and Analytical Methods, Radionuclide Biokinetics, and Dose Assessment


A Mobile Bioassay Laboratory for the Assessment of Internal Doses Based on In Vivo and In Vitro Measurements — B.M. Dantas, E.A. Lucena, A.L.A. Dantas, M.S. Santos, L.Q.C. Julião, D.R. Melo, W.O. Sousa, P.C. Fernandes, and S.A. Mesquita

Optimization of 99Mo Measurement in 99mTc Eluate Samples Using a Scintillation Detection System — Ana Letícia A. Dantas, Bianca S. Ribeiro, Raphael Sancho S. Souza, Eder A. Lucena, and Bernardo M. Dantas


131I Biokinetics and Cytogenetic Dose Estimates in Ablation Treatment of Thyroid Carcinoma — Ana C.H. Nascimento, Joyce L. Lipsztein, Rossana Corbo, and Ana M.O. Rebelo

Quantitative Plutonium Microdistribution in Bone Tissue of Vertebra from a Mayak Worker — Yekaterina V. Lyovkina, Scott C. Miller, Sergey A. Romanov, Melinda P. Krahenbuhl, and Maxim V. Belosokhov

A Physiological Skeletal Model for Radionuclide and Stable Element Biokinetics in Children and Adults — Richard B. Richardson

Twenty-Four Years of Follow-Up for a Hanford Plutonium Wound Case — Eugene H. Carbaugh, Timothy P. Lynch, Cheryl L. Antonio, and Fernando Medina-Del Valle

Twelve Years of Follow Up of Cases with Old 241Am Internal Contamination — Irena Malátová, Tomáš Vrba, Vĕra Bečková, and Helena Pospíšilova


Impact on 141Ce, 144Ce, 95Zr, and 90Sr Beta Emitter Dose Coefficients of Photon and Electron SAFS Calculated with ICRP/ICRU Reference Adult Voxel Computational Phantoms — W.B. Li, M. Zankl, H. Schlattl, N. Petoussi-Henss, K.F. Eckerman, W.E. Bolch, U. Oeh, and C. Hoeschen

Dose Conversion Factors for Radon: Recent Developments — James W. Marsh, John D. Harrison, Dominique Laurier, Eric Blanchardon, François Paquet, and Margot Tirmarche

Integration of Uncertainties into Internal Contamination Monitoring — E. Davesne, P. Casanova, E. Chojnacki, F. Paquet, and E. Blanchardon

Modeling Intersubject Variability of Bronchial Doses for Inhaled Radon Progeny — Werner Hofmann, Renate Winkler-Heil, and Majid Hussain

Three Plutonium Chelation Cases at Los Alamos National Laboratory — Luiz Bertelli, Tom L. Waters, Guthrie Miller, Milan S. Gadd, Michelle C. Eaton, and Raymond A. Guilmette

Case Study: Three Acute 241Am Inhalation Exposures with DTPA Therapy — Eugene H. Carbaugh, Timothy P. Lynch, Curt N. Cannon, and Loren L. Lewis

The CONRAD Approach to Biokinetic Modeling of DTPA Decorporation Therapy — Bastian Breustedt, Eric Blanchardon, Philippe Bérard, Paul Fritsch, Augusto Giussani, Maria Antonia Lopez, Andrea Luciani, Dietmar Nosske, Jean Piechowski, Jutta Schimmelpfeng, and Anne-Laure Sérandour

Structure of a Single Model to Describe Plutonium and Americium Decorporation by DTPA Treatments — P. Fritsch, A.L. Sérandour, O. Grémy, G. Phan, N. Tsapis, E. Fattal, H. Benech, J.R. Deverre, and J.L. Poncy

A Case of Wound Intake of Plutonium Isotopes and 241Am in a Human: Application and Improvement of the NCRP Wound Model — Anatoly E. Schadilov, Maxim V. Belosokhov, and Elena S. Levina

Ingestion of 226Ra from Activated Paints on Military Equipment: Transfer Factors and Doses — A. Schirmer

Medical Management of a Cutaneous Contamination — Philippe Berard, Xavier Michel, Florence Menetrier, and Pierre Laroche

Analysis of the Variability of Biokinetic Model Parameters due to Inter-Individual Variation — Wolfgang Klein, Bastian Breustedt, and Manfred Urban

MEDECOR—A Medical Decorporation Tool to Assist First Responders, Receivers, and Medical Reach-Back Personnel in Triage, Treatment, and Risk Assessment after Internalization of Radionuclides — Ed Waller and Diana Wilkinson


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