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September 2010, Volume 99, Number 3

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On the cover: Attendees of the 10th International Conference on Health Effects of Incorporated Radionuclides in front of St. Francis Cathedral in Sante Fe, NM, in May 2009.   LWW image


10th International Conference on Health Effects of Incorporated Radionuclides — Raymond A. Guilmette


Life-Span Study on Late Effects of 224Ra in Children and Adults — H. Spiess

Radon and the Risk of Cancer Mortality—Internal Poisson Models for the German Uranium Miners Cohort — Linda Walsh, Florian Dufey, Annemarie Tschense, Maria Schnelzer, Bernd Grosche, and Michaela Kreuzer

Preliminary Lung Cancer Risk Assessment of Exposure to Radon Progeny for Transylvania, Romania — Lucia-Adina Truta-Popa, Alexandra Dinu, Tiberius Dicu, Kinga Szacsvai, Constantin Cosma, and Werner Hofmann

Reprocessed Uranium Exposure and Lung Cancer Risk — Irina Guseva Canu, Sophie Jacob, Elisabeth Cardis, Pascal Wild, Sylvaine Caër-Lorho, Bernard Auriol, Dominique Laurier, and Margot Tirmarche

Occupational and Diagnostic Exposure to Ionizing Radiation and Leukemia Risk among German Uranium Miners — Matthias Möhner, Johannes Gellissen, James W. Marsh, and Demetrio Gregoratto

Modeling Deterministic Effects in Hematopoietic System Caused by Chronic Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in Large Human Cohorts — Igor V. Akushevich, Galina A. Veremeyeva, Georgy P. Dimov, Svetlana V. Ukraintseva, Konstantin G. Arbeev, Alexander V. Akleyev, and Anatoly I. Yashin

Early Hematopoietic Effects of Chronic Radiation Exposure in Humans — Alexander V. Akleyev, Igor V. Akushevich, Georgy P. Dimov, Galina A. Veremeyeva, Tatyana A. Varfolomeyeva, Svetlana V. Ukraintseva, and Anatoly I. Yashin


Long-Term Cellular Effects in Humans Chronically Exposed to Ionizing Radiation — Galina Veremeyeva, Igor Akushevich, Tatyana Pochukhailova, Eugenia Blinova, Tatyana Varfolomeyeva, Olga Ploshchanskaya, Oksana Khudyakova, Alexandra Vozilova, Olga Kozionova, and Alexander Akleyev

Late-Occurring Pulmonary Pathologies Following Inhalation of Mixed Oxide (Uranium + Plutonium Oxide) Aerosol in the Rat — N.M. Griffiths, A. Van der Meeren, P. Fritsch, M.-C. Abram, J.-F. Bernaudin, and J.L. Poncy

Carcinogenesis from Inhaled 239PuO2 in Beagles: Evidence for Radiation Homeostasis at Low Doses? — Darrell R. Fisher and Richard E. Weller

Comparative Stochastic Effects of Alpha, Beta or X-irradiation of the Lung of Rats — Fletcher F. Hahn, Bobby Scott, and David L. Lundgren

Determining the Relative Toxicity and RBE of Internal Emitters in Animals — N.D. Priest and D. Hoel

Preconceptional Paternal Exposure to Depleted Uranium: Transmission of Genetic Damage to Offspring — Alexandra C. Miller, Michael Stewart, and Rafael Rivas

Isotopic and Elemental Composition of Plutonium/Americium Oxides Influence Pulmonary and Extra-Pulmonary Distribution after Inhalation in Rats — A. Van der Meeren and O. Grémy

The Uneven Irradiation of a Target Cell and Its Dynamic Movement Can Mathematically Explain Incubation Period for the Induction of Cancer by Internally Deposited Radionuclides — Yoichiro Yamamoto, Nobuteru Usuda, Yoichi Oghiso, Yoshikazu Kuwahara, and Manabu Fukumoto


Biomaterials for the Decorporation of 85Sr in the Rat — Tatiana G. Levitskaia, Jeffrey A. Creim, Terry L. Curry, Teresa Luders, James E. Morris, James M. Peterson, and Karla D. Thrall

Biomimetic Actinide Chelators: An Update on the Preclinical Development of the Orally Active Hydroxypyridonate Decorporation Agents 3,4,3-LI(1,2-HOPO) and 5-LIO(Me-3,2-HOPO) — Shirley N. Ebbe, Jide Xu, Polly Y. Chang, Deborah I. Bunin, Eleanor A. Blakely, Kathleen A. Bjornstad, Chris J. Rosen, David K. Shuh, and Kenneth N. Raymond

Pharmacological Properties of Orally Available, Amphipathic Polyaminocarboxylic Acid Chelators for Actinide Decorporation — Scott C. Miller, Xuli Wang, and Beth M. Bowman

Functional Sorbents for Selective Capture of Plutonium, Americium, Uranium, and Thorium in Blood — Wassana Yantasee, Thanapon Sangvanich, Jeffery A. Creim, Kanda Pattamakomsan, Robert J. Wiacek, Glen E. Fryxell, R. Shane Addleman, and Charles Timchalk

In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of a Novel Ferrocyanide Functionalized Nanopourous Silica Decorporation Agent for Cesium in Rats — Charles Timchalk, Jeffrey A. Creim, Vichaya Sukwarotwat, Robert Wiacek, R. Shane Addleman, Glen E. Fryxell, and Wassana Yantasee

A New Formulation Containing Calixarene Molecules as an Emergency Treatment of Uranium Skin Contamination — Aurélie Spagnul, Céline Bouvier-Capely, Guillaume Phan, François Rebière, and Elias Fattal


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