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March 2010, Volume 98, Number 3

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On the cover: The distribution of time to death with respect to alpha-radiation lifetime average dose rate to the skeleton is presented for people who ingested large amounts of 226Ra at age 20. This figure shows premature deaths associated with radiation injury at high dose rates. It also shows premature deaths from bone cancer and head cancer at intermediate dose rates. It shows no abnormal life shortening at lower dose rates. See article by Otto G. Raabe on page 515 for more information.   LWW image



The Livermore Phantom History and Supplementation — Sandra F. Snyder and Richard J. Traub


Employee Exposure to 222Rn and 220Rn in Three Fish Culture Stations in Pennsylvania — Robert K. Lewis and Naomi H. Harley

Evaluation of Cuprimine® and Syprine® for Decorporation of 60Co and 210Po — Tatiana G. Levitskaia, Jeffrey A. Creim, Terry L. Curry, Teresa Luders, James E. Morris, Angela D. Woodstock, Barry Levinson, and Karla D. Thrall

Characterization of the World's First Nuclear Explosion, the Trinity Test, as a Source of Public Radiation Exposure — Thomas E. Widner and Susan M. Flack

Nationwide Surveys of Chest, Abdomen, Lumbosacral Spine Radiography, and Upper Gastrointestinal Fluoroscopy: A Summary of Findings — David C. Spelic, Richard V. Kaczmarek, Mike C. Hilohi, and Albert E. Moyal

Concerning the Health Effects of Internally Deposited Radionuclides — Otto G. Raabe


Detection of 154Eu in Patients Post 153Sm-EDTMP Therapy Using a Clinical Gamma Camera — Justin J. Hayes, John Pfund, and Nicolas Zouain


Tools for Creating and Manipulating Voxel Phantoms — Gary H. Kramer, Kevin Capello, Albert Chiang, Erick Cardenas-Mendez, and Trevor Sabourin


NCRP Report No. 160: Ionizing Radiation Exposure of the Population of the United States — Reviewed by Mark L. Maiello


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