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January 2010, Volume 98, Number 1

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On the cover: A view from Bikini Island across the protective ocean reef. On 1 March 1954, the Bravo test (15 MT) at Bikini Atoll contaminated Bikini and other islands of the atolls to the east of Bikini. Work was done over many years to determine the significant radionuclides in each atoll ecosystem, identify critical exposure pathways, provide radiation dose assessments, and find ways to reduce the radiation dose to within U.S. and international guidelines for people who would resettle the atolls. See article by William L. Robison and Terry F. Hamilton on page 1 for more information.   LWW image



Radiation Doses for Marshall Islands Atolls Affected by U.S. Nuclear Testing: All Exposure Pathways, Remedial Measures, and Environmental Loss of 137Cs — William L. Robison and Terry F. Hamilton

A Simple Algorithm for Solving the Inverse Problem of Interpretation of Uncertain Individual Measurements in Internal Dosimetry — A. Molokanov, E. Chojnacki, and E. Blanchardon

Accounting for Smoking in the Radon-Related Lung Cancer Risk among German Uranium Miners: Results of a Nested Case-Control Study — Maria Schnelzer, Gaël P. Hammer, Michaela Kreuzer, Annemarie Tschense, and Bernd Grosche

Room Model Based Monte Carlo Simulation Study of the Relationship between the Airborne Dose Rate and the Surface-Deposited Radon Progeny — Kainan Sun, R. William Field, and Daniel J. Steck

Effect of Wall Thickness on Measurement of Dose for High Energy Neutrons — Delia Perez-Nunez and Leslie A. Braby

Lung, Liver and Bone Cancer Mortality after Plutonium Exposure in Beagle Dogs and Nuclear Workers — Dulaney A. Wilson, Lawrence C. Mohr, G. Donald Frey, Daniel Lackland, and David G. Hoel

Aminothiol Receptors for Decorporation of Intravenously Administered 60Co in the Rat — Tatiana G. Levitskaia, James E. Morris, Jeffrey A. Creim, Angela D. Woodstock, Teresa Luders, Terry L. Curry, and Karla D. Thrall

Element Contents in Organs and Tissues of Chinese Adult Men — Hongda Zhu, Neifen Wang, Yongbao Zhang, Quan Wu, Rusong Chen, Junquan Gao, Ping Chang, Qingfen Liu, Tinjiang Fan, Juan Li, Jixian Wang, and Jingyu Wang


Significant Impact on Effective Doses Received during Commercial Flights Calculated Using the New ICRP Radiation Weighting Factors — Jing Chen and Vladimir Mares


Comment on the Capstone Depleted Uranium (DU) Aerosol Characterization and Risk Assessment Study — Glenn I. Lykken and Berislav Momčilović

Response to Lykken and Momčilović — Raymond A. Guilmette and Mary Ann Parkhurst


Taming the Rays—A History of Radiation and Protection — Reviewed by Paul W. Frame



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