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October 2009, Volume 97, Number 4

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On the cover: Human bronchial lining epithelium containing lymphocytes that are closer to the surface, and potentially receive higher dose from radon decay products, than the stem cells found in the basal layer. See article by Naomi H. Harley and Edith S. Robbins on page 343 for more information.   LWW image



RADRUE Method for Reconstruction of External Photon Doses for Chernobyl Liquidators in Epidemiological Studies — Victor Kryuchkov, Vadim Chumak, Evaldas Maceika, Lynn R. Anspaugh, Elisabeth Cardis, Elena Bakhanova, Ivan Golovanov, Vladimir Drozdovitch, Nickolas Luckyanov, Ausrele Kesminiene, Paul Voillequé, and Andre Bouvillé

Calculation of Indoor Effective Dose Factors in ORNL Phantoms Series Due to Natural Radioactivity in Building Materials — D. Krstic and D. Nikezic

Assessment of Organ Absorbed Doses and Estimation of Effective Doses from Pediatric Anthropomorphic Phantom Measurements for Multi-Detector Row CT With and Without Automatic Exposure Control — Hervé J. Brisse, Magalie Robilliard, Alexia Savignoni, Noelle Pierrat, Geneviève Gaboriaud, Yann De Rycke, Sylvia Neuenschwander, Bernard Aubert, and Jean-Claude Rosenwald

Intake Risk and Dose Evaluation Methods for Workers in Radiochemistry Labs of a Medical Cyclotron Facility — Riccardo Calandrino, Antonella del Vecchio, Annarita Savi, Sergio Todde, and Sara Belloli

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Radon Distribution in Soil — M. Antonopoulos-Domis, S. Xanthos, A. Clouvas, and D. Alifrangis

Residential Magnetic Fields and Measures of Neutral-to-Earth Voltage: Variability Within and Between Residences — Robert Kavet and H. Christopher Hooper


Radon and Leukemia in the Danish Study: Another Source of Dose — Naomi H. Harley and Edith S. Robbins


COMAR Technical Information Statement: Expert Reviews on Potential Health Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields and Comments on the BioInitiative Report — The Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR)


A Series of Studies of the Health Effects and Its Protection Measures of the Miners' Inhaled Thorium Dusts — Reviewed by A.T. Keane

Radiation Mechanics — Reviewed by Edward Waller


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