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August 2009, Volume 97, Number 2

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On the cover: Deliberations at the Policy Table. Science is not the only voice in decision making. The relative weighting of science, politics, social/cultural factors, and economics depends on the policy issue in question and the magnitude of uncertainties in decision inputs. See article by Kenneth L. Mossman on page 101 for more information.   LWW image



Policy Decision Making under Scientific Uncertainty: Radiological Risk Assessment and the Role of Expert Advisory Groups — Kenneth L. Mossman

Estimation of Individualized Radiation Risk from Chronic Occupational Exposure in Russia — Victor K. Ivanov, Anatoly F. Tsyb, Alexander P. Panfilov, Alexander M. Agapov, Oleg V. Kaidalov, Alexander M. Korelo, A. Maksioutov, Sergey Y. Chekin, and Polina V. Kashcheyeva

Investigation of Chitosan for Decorporation of 60Co in the Rat — Tatiana G. Levitskaia, Jeffrey A. Creim, Terry L. Curry, Teresa Luders, James E. Morris, Sergei I. Sinkov, Angela D. Woodstock, and Karla D. Thrall

Application of the Monte Carlo Method to Study the Alpha Particle Energy Spectra for Radioactive Aerosol Sampled by an Air Filter — T. Geryes, C. Monsanglant-Louvet, L. Berger, and E. Gehin

Field Investigation of Surface-Deposited Radon Progeny as a Possible Predictor of the Airborne Radon Progeny Dose Rate — Kainan Sun, Daniel J. Steck, and R. William Field

Overview of Hazard Assessment and Emergency Planning Software of Use to RN First Responders — E. Waller, Kyle Millage, William F. Blakely, James A. Ross, John R. Mercier, David J. Sandgren, Ira H. Levine, William E. Dickerson, Jeffrey B. Nemhauser, John S. Nasstrom, Gayle Sugiyama, Steve Homann, Brooke R. Buddemeier, Carl A. Curling, and Deena S. Disraelly

Relative Radiological Impact from a Reactor Accident in the Case of Emerging Nuclear Fuels — G. Nicolaou


Radon Exhalation Rates from Building Materials Using Electret Ion Chamber Radon Monitors in Accumulators — Payasada Kotrappa and Frederick Stieff


Topics in Accelerator Health Physics — Reviewed by W. Robert Casey

The Invisible Passenger: Radiation Risks for People Who Fly, 2nd Edition — Reviewed by Kenneth L. Mossman


In Memoriam—Herman Cember, 14 January 1924–7 March 2009

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