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June 2009, Volume 96, Number 6

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On the cover: A compartmental model of uranium in human hair was developed for use in monitoring uranium exposure. See article by W.B. Li et al. on page 636 for more information.   LWW image



Neutron Dose per Fluence and Weighting Factors for Use at High Energy Accelerators — J. Donald Cossairt and Kamran Vaziri


Ambient Radiofrequency Power: The Impact of the Number of Devices in a Wi-Fi Network — David Malone and Lesley A. Malone

A Compartmental Model of Uranium in Human Hair for Protracted Ingestion of Natural Uranium in Drinking Water — W.B. Li, Z. Karpas, L. Salonen, P. Kurttio, M. Muikku, W. Wahl, V. Höllriegl, C. Hoeschen, and U. Oeh

The Mean Concentration of Uranium in Drinking Water, Urine, and Hair of the Occupationally Unexposed Finnish Working Population — Maarit Muikku, Marketta Puhakainen, Tarja Heikkinen, and Taina Ilus

Responses of Selected Neutron Monitors to Cosmic Radiation at Aviation Altitudes — Hiroshi Yasuda, Kazuaki Yajima, Tatsuhiko Sato, Masashi Takada, and Takashi Nakamura

A Study of Predicted Bone Marrow Distribution on Calculated Marrow Dose from External Radiation Exposures Using Two Sets of Image Data for the Same Individual — Peter F. Caracappa, T.C. Ephraim Chao, and X. George Xu


Recalibration of the Cameco Mobile Lung Counter — Gary H. Kramer, Barry Hauck, and Steve A. Allen


NCRP Report 158, Uncertainties in the Measurement and Dosimetry of External Radiation — Reviewed by Jack J. Fix

Advances in Medical Physics — Reviewed by Michael C. Schell

Radioactive Aerosols — Reviewed by John E. Brockmann


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