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April 2009, Volume 96, Number 4

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NASA is working on new spacecraft for lunar travel that will serve as the building blocks for trips to Mars and other destinations in our solar system. These planned interplanetary trips will present potentially significant health hazards to the astronauts from solar particle events. This artist’s rendering represents a concept of the Orion crew exploration vehicle docked to a lunar lander in lunar orbit. See article by Shaowen Hu et al. on page 465 for more information. Picture courtesy of NASA and Lockheed Martin Corp.   LWW image



Public Magnetic Field Exposure Based on Internal Current Density for Electric Low Voltage Systems — Tommi Keikko, Reino Seesvuori, Martti Hyvönen, and Seppo Valkealahti

Rapid Alpha Spectroscopy of Evaporated Liquid Residues for Emergency Response — T.M. Semkow, A.J. Khan, D.K. Haines, and A. Bari

A Study of Residential Radon in Sweden Using Multi-Level Analysis — Abdullah Almasri, Eva M. Andersson, and Lars Barregård

Radiological Hazard Estimates from Contaminated C7 Canisters on the C4 Protective Mask — Edward J. Waller and Lorne Erhardt

Health Physics and Aviation: Solar Cycle 23 (1996–2008) — R.J. Barish

Modeling the Acute Health Effects of Astronauts from Exposure to Large Solar Particle Events — Shaowen Hu, Myung-Hee Y. Kim, Gene E. McClellan, and Francis A. Cucinotta

Emanation of Radon from Household Granite — Michael E. Kitto, Douglas K. Haines, and Hernando Diaz Arauzo

Acute Toxicity of Subcutaneously Administered Depleted Uranium and the Effects of CBMIDA in the Simulated Wounds of Rats — Satoshi Fukuda, Mizuyo Ikeda, Mariko Nakamura, Xueming Yan, and Yuyuan Xie


Lung Fibrosis and Lung Cancer Incidence in Beagle Dogs that Inhaled 238PuO2 or 239PuO2 — Dulaney A. Wilson, Joseph H. Diel, and David G. Hoel


Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Static Magnetic Fields — International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection


Radiological Risk Assessment and Environmental Analysis — Reviewed by Gordon Linsley



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