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Health Physics Journal,
Vol. 78, No. 3, March 2000
When radionuclides are deposited onto soil their subsequent uptake to plants may be predicted by soil-to-plant transfer factors. A databaes of these transfer factors has been compiled for arable crops. See article by Nisbet and Woodman on page 279 for more information. Photograph courtesy of Ken Miller.

Contents of Volume 78, No. 3, March 2000


Virus Problems — Bruce Busby


Sparkling Clean in Idaho — Ken Kasper


Heating and Pain Sensation Produced in Human Skin by Millimeter Waves: Comparison to a Simple Thermal Model — Thomas J. Walters, Dennis W. Blick, Leland R. Johnson, Eleanor R. Adair, and Kenneth R. Foster

Models for Retrospective Quantification of Indoor Radon Exposure in Case-Control Studies — Michael Gerken, Lothar Kreienbrock, Jürgen Wellmann, Michaela Kreuzer, and H. Erich Wichmann

Soil-to-Plant Transfer Factors for Radiocesium and Radiostrontium in Agricultural Systems — A. F. Nisbet and R. F. M. Woodman

A Stochastic Model of Radiation-Induced Bone Marrow Damage — G. Cotlet and T. E. Blue

Monte Carlo Calculation of Dose Rate Conversion Factors for External Exposure to Photon Emitters in Soil — A. Clouvas, S. Xanthos, M. Antonopoulos-Domis, and J. Silva


Verification and Modification of the ICRP-67 Model for Plutonium Dose Calculation — A. Luciani and E. Polig

Gamma Radiography with 75Se Sources: Consequences of a Violent Fire — C. Ballaux

Comparison of Two Dose-Area-Product Ionization Chambers with Different Conductive Surface Coating for Over-Table and Under-Table Tube Configurations — Daniel R. Bednarek and Stephen Rudin

Applications of a Quadratic Variance Model for Counting Data — Mark A. Tries

Non-Invasive Measurement of Water Content in a Lung Phantom by Neutrons — S. Terrani, F. Campi, and G. Baccelli

A Method for Determining Leakage of 133Xe Gas from Septum-Sealed Glass Vials — J. R. McAllister, T. B. Borak, and D. W. Pellicciarini


Radiation Safety Program Outcomes as Indicated by Regulatory Compliance Activities from 1988 to 1997 in Texas — R. J. Emery, M. A. Charlton, and G. R. Goodman


The ICRP Database of Dose Coefficients: Workers and Members of the Public, version 1.0, an extension of ICRP Publications 68 and 72 — George J. Vargo


Tissue Substitutes, Phantoms and Computational Modelling in Medical Ultrasound—ICRU Report 61 — Reviewed by R. Martin Jones

Progress Towards Geologic Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Where Do We Stand?

Confidence in the Long-Term Safety of Geological Repositories — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan


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