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February 2009, Volume 96, Number 2

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Field investigators measured airborne particle concentrations over basaltic tephra deposits at the Sunset Crater, Arizona, volcanic site. See article by Benke et al. on page 97 for more information.   LWW image


Measurement of Airborne Particle Concentrations near the Sunset Crater Volcano, Arizona — Roland R. Benke, Donald M. Hooper, James S. Durham, Donald R. Bannon, Keith L. Compton, Marius Necsoiu, and Ronald N. McGinnis, Jr.

Cancer Incidence in Municipalities near Two Former Nuclear Materials Processing Facilities in Pennsylvania—An Update — John D. Boice, Jr., William L. Bigbee, Michael T. Mumma, Clark W. Heath, Jr., and William J. Blot

County Mortality and Cancer Incidence in Relation to Living near Two Former Nuclear Materials Processing Facilities in Pennsylvania—An Update — John D. Boice, Jr., William L. Bigbee, Michael T. Mumma, Robert E. Tarone, and William J. Blot

An Evaluation of Fluoroscopic Times and Peak Skin Doses during Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation and Biventricular Internal Cardioverter Defibrillator Implant Procedures — J. Bradford Taylor and Kimberly A. Selzman

Modeling the Imprecision in Prospective Dosimetry of Internal Exposure to Uranium — E. Davesne, E. Chojnacki, F. Paquet, and E. Blanchardon

Analytical and Monte Carlo Assessment of Activity and Local Dose after a Wound Contamination by Activation Products — D. Broggio, B. Zhang, L. de Carlan, A. Desbrée, S. Lamart, B. le Guen, C. Bailloeuil, and D. Franck

Scaled Tests and Modeling of Effluent Stack Sampling Location Mixing — Kurtis P. Recknagle, Satoru T. Yokuda, Marcel Y. Ballinger, and J. Matthew Barnett

Lung Fibrosis and Lung Cancer Incidence in Beagle Dogs that Inhaled 238PuO2 or 239PuO2 — D. Wilson


Overestimation of Thyroid Cancer Incidence after Chernobyl — Sergei V. Jargin

Response to Jargin — Elaine Ron

Alliance of Nuclear Worker Advocacy Groups — Daniel W. McKeel, Jr., Harry Williams, Janine Anderson, Janet Michel, Terrie Barrie, Kay Barker, Robert Schwartz, and Maureen Merritt

Response to McKeel et al. — Dade W. Moeller and Richard E. Toohey


Beyond Fossil Fools: The Roadmap to Energy Independence by 2040 — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz



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