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December 2008, Volume 95, Number 6

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Map of U.S. commercial power reactor sites (2006). See article by Jason T. Harris and David W. Miller on page 734 for more information. Figure courtesy of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.   LWW image


2008 Founders Award—Keith H. Dinger — Citation by James J. Cherniack

2008 Elda E. Anderson Award—Phillip W. Patton — Citation by Steven Curtis

2008 Distinguished Public Service Award—Pete V. Domenici — Citation by Keith H. Dinger and Stanley Fitch

2008 Geoffrey G. Eichholz Outstanding Science Teacher Award—Brian Whitson — Citation by Ritchie D. Buschow

2008 Health Physics Society Fellow Members and Student Awards

2008 William A. McAdams Outstanding Service Award—James S. Willison — Citation by Kent Lambert


Photon SAF Calculation Based on the Chinese Mathematical Phantom and Comparison with the ORNL Phantoms — Rui Qiu, Junli Li, Zhan Zhang, Zhen Wu, Zhi Zeng, and Jiajin Fan

Ionizing Radiation and Risk of Laryngeal Cancer among German Uranium Miners — M. Möhner, M. Lindtner, and H. Otten

Radiological Effluents Released by U.S. Commercial Nuclear Power Plants from 1995-2005 — Jason T. Harris and David W. Miller

Monte Carlo Simulation of an Anthropometric Phantom Used for Calibrating In Vivo K-XRF Spectroscopy Measurements of Stable Lead in Bone — Camille J. Lodwick and Henry B. Spitz

Radiological Concerns in Operation of Intense Low-Energy Deuteron Beams — Leo Weissman, Dan Berkovits, Yair Grof, and Yair Ben-Dov


Initial Investigation of 222Rn in the Tbilisi Urban Environment — S. Pagava, V. Rusetski, Z. Robakidze, E.B. Farfan, R.E. Dunker, J.L. Popp, M. Avtandilashvili, D.P. Wells, and E.H. Donnelly


Assessment of the External Radiological Impact in Southwestern Nigeria — Matthew Williamson

Response to Williamson — O. Samuel Ajayi

Comment on Ajayi et al. — E. Mahiban Ross and S. Godwin Wesley

Response to Ross and Wesley — O. Samuel Ajayi


Nukenomics: The Commercialization of Britain's Nuclear Industry — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Plutonium: A History of the World's Most Dangerous Element — Reviewed by Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Health Physics in the 21st Century — Reviewed by Mark L. Maiello


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