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October 2008, Volume 95, Number 4

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Variation of effective dose rate due to the 11-year solar cycle calculated by EPCARD-European Program Package for the Calculation of Aviation Route Doses, for geographic latitudes 0°, 45°N, and 90°N at an altitude of 37,000 feet (11.3 km). See article by Jing Chen and Vladimir Mares on page 416 for more information.   LWW image


Quantitative Evaluations of Mechanisms of Radiofrequency Interactions with Biological Molecules and Processes — Asher R. Sheppard, Mays L. Swicord, and Quirino Balzano


Photon SAF Calculation Based on the Chinese Mathematical Phantom and Comparison with the ORNL Phantoms — Rui Qiu, Junli Li, Zhan Zhang, Zhen Wu, Zhi Zeng, Jiajin Fan, and Lihua Huang

An Improved Liquid Scintillation Counting Method for the Determination of Gross Alpha Activity in Groundwater Wells — Shiyamalie R. Ruberu, Yun-Gang Liu, and S. Kusum Perera

Estimate of Doses to the Fetus during Commercial Flights — Jing Chen and Vladimir Mares

Radiological Impact of Almost a Century of Phosphate Industry in Flanders, Belgium — J. Paridaens and H. Vanmarcke

Do Angles of Obliquity Apply to 30° Scattered Radiation from Megavoltage Beams? — Peter J. Biggs and John R. Styczynski


Assessment of 7Be Concentration in Outdoor Ambient Air — S. Khan, A.S. Alaamer, and S.N.A. Tahir

210Pb in Home Dust as a Possible Marker for Radon Exposure in Indoor Air — Chunsheng Li, Yong-Lai Feng, Jing Chen, Stephen Kiser, Weihua Zhang, and Jiping Zhu


A Field Deployable High-Resolution Urine Gamma Analyzer — Gary H. Kramer, Barry M. Hauck, and Kevin Capello


ICRP Publication 103, The Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection — Reviewed by Richard J. Vetter



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