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July 2008, Volume 95, Number 1

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The NIOSH Radiation Dose Reconstruction Program: Origin, Goals, Scope, and Results Dade W. Moeller and Richard E. Toohey


Radiation Dose Reconstruction Program of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: Overview James W. Neton, John Howard, and Larry J. Elliott

The NIOSH Radiation Dose Reconstruction Project: Managing Technical Challenges Matthew P. Moeller, Ronald D. Townsend, and David A. Dooley

Responsibilities and Activities of the Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health Paul L. Ziemer

Scientific Issues in Radiation Dose Reconstruction Richard E. Toohey


Data Collection, Processing, Validation, and Verification Deborah L. Martin, Jennifer L. Hoff, Roger A. Gard, Richard J. Gregosky, Hobert W. Jones, Cheryl A. Kirkwood, Donald G. Morris, Tracey E. Shinsato, and Cheryl L. Willott-Moore

Development of Site Profiles for Dose Reconstruction Used in Worker Compensation Claims Judson L. Kenoyer, Edward D. Scalsky, and Timothy D. Taulbee

Ambient Environmental Profile for the Savannah River Site Eugene M. Rollins


Internal Dose Reconstruction under Part B of the Energy Employees Compensation Act Elizabeth M. Brackett, David E. Allen, Scott R. Siebert, and Thomas R. La Bone

Establishing Bounding Internal Dose Estimates for Thorium Activities at Rocky Flats Brant A. Ulsh, Bryce L. Rich, Melton H. Chew, Robert L. Morris, Mutty Sharfi, and Mark R. Rolfes

Development of Rapid Methods for Assessing Doses from Internally Deposited Radionuclides Edward F. Maher, Keith A. McCartney, Brian D. Mize, Lin-Shen C. Sun, and Scott R. Siebert

External Dose Reconstruction under Part B of the Energy Employees Compensation Act Steven E. Merwin, Matthew H. Smith, Robert C. Winslow, Keith A. McCartney, Jack J. Fix, Timothy D. Taulbee, and Gregory L. Macievic

Reconstruction of Doses from Occupationally Related Medical X-Ray Examinations Vernon E. Shockley, Ronald L. Kathren, and Elyse M. Thomas


Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program (IREP): A Web-Based Tool for Estimating Probability of Causation/Assigned Share of Radiogenic Cancers David C. Kocher, A. Iulian Apostoaei, Russell W. Henshaw, F. Owen Hoffman, Mary K. Schubauer-Berigan, Daniel O. Stancescu, Brian A. Thomas, John R. Trabalka, Ethel S. Gilbert, and Charles E. Land


Implications of Claimant-Favorable Approaches Used in Dose and Probability of Causation Calculations under EEOICPA Steven E. Merwin, Donald N. Stewart, Matthew H. Smith, Kenneth D. Potter, and Stuart L. Hinnefeld

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Radiation Dose Reconstruction Program: Commentary and Conclusions James W. Neton and Larry J. Elliott


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