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June 2008, Volume 94, Number 6

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A map of 137Cs deposition from the Nevada Test Site tests. See article by Alexandra Palensky Weesner and Robert W. Fairchild on page 574 for more information. Map courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, circa 2002.   LWW image


Comparison of Environmental Radiation Monitoring Programs in China and the United States — Anthony B. Wolbarst, John Griggs, H.N. Lee, Tianshan Ren, Tonya Hudson, Jacolyn D. White, and Changshou Zhu


Evaluation of Sprayable Fixatives on a Sandy Soil for Potential Use in a Dirty Bomb Response — Brad G. Fritz and John D. Whitaker

Modification to the Monte Carlo N-Particle Code for Simulating Direct, In Vivo Measurement of Stable Lead in Bone — Camille J. Lodwick and Henry B. Spitz

Verification of the VARSKIN Beta Skin Dose Calculation Computer Code — Sami Sherbini, Joseph DeCicco, Anita Turner Gray, and Richard Struckmeyer

The Effect of Manufacturing Variables on Radiation Doses from Porcelain Tiles — J.H. Selby and R. Strydom

Blind Testing of Commercially Available Short-Term Radon Detectors — Kainan Sun, Gregory Budd, Steven McLemore, and R. William Field

An Assessment of Natural Radioactivity of Soils and Its External Radiological Impact in Southwestern Nigeria — O.S. Ajayi, S.B. Ibikunle, and T.J. Ojo


BOMAB Phantom Variability: Do Small Dimensional Changes Matter? — Gary H. Kramer, Barry M. Hauck, Shannon Dang, and Kevin Capello

Concentration of 137Cs in Soil across Nebraska — Alexandra Palensky Weesner and Robert W. Fairchild


Uncertainties in Internal Dose Calculations for the Mayak Study — Guthrie Miller

Reply to Miller — J.D. Bess, M.P. Krahenbuhl, and S.C. Miller


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