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May 2008, Volume 94, Number 5

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A series of electret ion chambers deployed in sealed aluminum cans for periods ranging from 20 to 130 days. See article by D.F. Jones and L.R. Paulus on page 479 for more information.   LWW image


Dose Assessment for Reentry or Reoccupancy and Recovery of Urban Areas Contaminated by a Radiological Dispersal Device: The Need for a Consensus Approach — T. Sullivan, S.V. Musolino, and J. DeFranco


Reconstruction of Individual Radiation Doses for a Case-Control Study of Thyroid Cancer in French Polynesia — Vladimir Drozdovitch, André Bouville, Françoise Doyon, Pauline Brindel, Elisabeth Cardis, and Florent de Vathaire

Use of Simulink to Address Key Factors for Radon Mitigation in a Fairbanks Home — Tom Marsik and Ron Johnson

Development and Test of a Gem-Based TEPC for Neutron Protection Dosimetry — C-K. Chris Wang, Marat Seidaliev, and Anant Mandapaka

The "Clinic" Medical-Dosimetric Database of Mayak Production Association Workers: Structure, Characteristics and Prospects of Utilization — Tamara V. Azizova, Richard D. Day, Niel Wald, Colin R. Muirhead, Jacqueline A. O'Hagan, Margarita V. Sumina, Zinaida D. Belyaeva, Maria B. Druzhinina, Igor I. Teplyakov, Nadezhda G. Semenikhina, Larisa A. Stetsenko, Evgenia S. Grigoryeva, Larisa N. Krupenina, and Elena V. Vlasenko

An Experimental Analysis of the Contribution of 224Ra and 226Ra and Progeny to the Gross Alpha-Particle Activity of Water Samples — Michael F. Arndt and Lynn E. West

Comparison of Dose from Radiological Examination for Scoliosis in Children among Two Pediatric Hospitals by Monte Carlo Simulation — G. Gialousis, E.N. Yiakoumakis, T.K. Makri, D. Papadoupoulou, M. Karlatira, P. Karaiskos, S. Papaodysseas, N. Evlogias, P.A. Dimitriou, and E.K. Georgiou


Leakage Correction Estimate for Electret Ion Chamber Dielectric Material Used for Long-Term Environmental Gamma Monitoring — David F. Jones and L.R. Paulus


Comment on "The Role Played by Stakeholders in the Public Debate that Brought Italy Out of the Club of Nuclear Energy Producers" — Arrigo A. Cigna

Response to Cigna — M.C. Cantone



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