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Health Physics Journal,
Vol. 78, No. 2, February 2000
Retinal area irradiated due to eye movements while deliberately fixating on a small light source for 100 s. Each ellipse represents 250 ms and total horizontal extent is approximately 300 m. See article by Ness et al. on page 131 for more information. Graphic design courtesy of André Akers, Medical Photographer, USAMRD-WRAIR, Brooks AFB, TX.

Contents of Volume 78, No. 2, February 2000


Even More On-Line Information Resources — Bruce Busby


Retinal Image Motion During Deliberate Fixation: Implications to Laser Safety for Long Duration Viewing — James W. Ness, Harry Zwick, Bruce E. Stuck, David J. Lund, Brian J. Lund, Jerome W. Molchany, and David H. Sliney

Determination of the Isotopic Composition of Uranium in Urine by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry — J. W. Ejnik, A. J. Carmichael, M. M. Hamilton, M. McDiarmid, K. Squibb, P. Boyd, and W. Tardiff

Quantification of Local Deposition Patterns of Inhaled Radon Decay Products in Human Bronchial Airway Bifurcations — I. Balásházy and W. Hofmann

A New Anthropometric Phantom for Calibrating In Vivo Measurements of Stable Lead in the Human Leg Using X-Ray Fluorescence — Henry Spitz, Mark Jenkins, Jeffrey Lodwick, and Robert Bornschein

Radio Frequency Radiation of Millimeter Wave Length: Potential Occupational Safety Issues Relating to Surface Heating — Kathy L. Ryan, John A. D'Andrea, James R. Jauchem, and Patrick A. Mason

Biokinetic and Dosimetric Model of Plutonium in the Dog — E. Polig, F. W. Bruenger, R. D. Lloyd, and S. C. Miller

Effect of Leachability on Environmental Risk Assessment for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials in Petroleum Oil Fields — Gerald Rajaretnam and Henry B. Spitz

Electron Absorbed Fractions and Dose Conversion Factors for Marrow and Bone by Skeletal Regions — K. F. Eckerman and M. G. Stabin


Effective Half-Lives for Patients Administered Radiolabeled Antibodies and Calculated Dose to the Public in Close Proximity to Patients — D. G. L. Kaurin, A. L. Carsten, and J. W. Baum

Poor Design of Local Exhaust Hood Leads to Radioactive Release in the Work Area — Ronald H. Reif and Robert S. Houck

Anomalous Dose Assessment Associated with Film Badge Storage in a Controlled Area — Wayne R. Hedrick, and Dale E. Starchman


Performance of E-PERM™ Electret Ion Chamber Radon Monitors at Very High Humidity, High Temperature in the Presence of Microbial Activity — Paul Kotrappa


Safety Assessment for Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste, Safety Guide No WS-6-1.1 Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste-Requirements, No WS-K-1 — Reviewed by Michael T. Ryan

The Radiological Accident at the Irradiation Facility at Nesvizh (Belarus) — Reviewed by James G. Yusko


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